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Features of an Online Fax Number

By Matthew Gerchow If you need to send or receive fax messages but you do not have a fax machine, you can still get this done. Having an online fax lets you take full advantage of the power of the Internet. Having your electronic number online offers way more features than the conventional fax machine. […]

Why You Should Get an Online Fax Number

By Matthew Gerchow Currently, online fax services are getting more and more popular. There are several providers that abound the Internet nowadays and most of them have been around for many years now. It is definitely true that numerous people have found the idea of having a fax number online very helpful. The truth is […]

How to Send Fax Via Email

By Omar Fox With recent technology you can easily receive and send fax via email which has been proven to be great solution that is affordable, fast, reliable and secure. Faxing via email is easy and you don’t need any special training, no extra phone lines, no complicated set ups or hardware. If you have […]

Fax Through Email

By Omar Fox Recent improvements in the field of technology have ensured that you can now easily send a fax through email. A decade ago, you could only send in your faxes by using a machine which was dedicated to the process of sending faxes – the fax machine. The huge equipment was always considered […]

Fax Using the Internet

By Caressa Waechter There are a vast majority of people who are utilizing the fax over Internet feature. Many services are being offered for this new age of faxing by many reputable companies. It’s a lot easier to send a fax over the Internet and cut out the expense of buying a fax machine. In […]

Fax to Email Service

By Brian Stratmore Many companies make use of fax to email services to meet all their communication needs. The term “fax to email” refers to the utilization of email and the Internet system to receive and send fax documents. As this is a web-based solution, faxing is now accessible at any place and at any […]

How to Send Email to Fax?

By Brian Stratmore In today’s high-speed communications world, email to fax solutions have proved to be the most efficient and the fastest means of communication. Just over the past few years, the popularity of Internet faxing has grown considerably. Web faxing is now being commonly used in many companies. There are different ways to send […]

Compare Fax Software

By Omar Fox It is important to compare fax software before signing up. Here are a couple of tips on what you should be looking out for when picking an internet faxing service. What do YOU need? When picking a service, keep in mind that the service should meet your needs. There are tons of […]

Web Fax Service Is it Better Than Traditional Faxing?

By Paolo Basauri Many people who are just starting with online faxing have the question of whether it is better or not to adopt this new technology. The answer for those of us who use Internet fax is pretty clear: Yes, it is better. A web fax service will not only make faxing easier but […]

Fax Software Downloads

By Paolo Basauri Looking for some fax software downloads? No problem. There are plenty of sites that offer some good demos, and even entire software kits for download. So, here are a few of the best places you can find some fax software downloads. This site offers Snappy Fax Version 4.0 and Snappy Fax […]