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Is it Simple to Choose a GPS?

By Adam Santii GPS systems started to be developed significantly in the 1960’s for US military use. However, it took until 1983 after the Korean air disaster, that the system in it’s present form to start taking shape. The last of the GPS satellites went up into space in 1994 and in 2000 the US […]

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Leads to Increased Efficiency

By Tom Gruich With GPS, RFID and a little fleet tracking software, your business can operate at the utmost efficiency. Your deliveries can be made on time and there will never be any question of where your company’s assets are at any given moment. RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags can be ordered in sizes small enough […]

GPS Navigation Systems Point of Interest Listings Can Small Business Owners Benefit From Them?

By David M Finch With the economic trials of 2009 drawing to a close, you may be working on the things you want to improve in your business for the next year. Upgrades, improvements, changes, and maybe looking for a little extra that might give you an edge over your competition. I’ve spent a lot […]

7 Exciting Things You Can Do With a Garmin Forerunner 310XT

By Jen Dailey The latest in athletic technology from the folks at Garmin has brought us a new generation of Forerunner in the latest 310XT model. With many new features and enhancements, this device is making waves. Learn more about this unit to decide if it is a must have tool to help you meet […]

Waterproof GPS Why Every Outdoorsmen Needs One

By Clyde Dixon If you enjoy camping, hiking, boating or outdoor activities in general, then you can benefit from having a navigation system to get you where you want to be and prevent you from getting lost in the wilderness. Of course when the outdoors are involved so is the unpredictable weather. Your best choice […]

Improving Your Golf Game With the Garmin GolfLogix GPS

By Paul Julian Imagine having the tools at your fingertips to play the perfect round of golf! It sounds like every golf lovers dream, doesn’t it! Throughout the years, ever since Scottish shepherds started hitting rocks into rabbit holes back in the 12th century, everyone who plays the game has wanted an inside edge in […]

An Introduction to the Garmin Nuvi 1300

By Paul Julian The Garmin Nuvi 1300 series was released May 20, 2009, and it could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. GPS technology has been sweeping the nation, and Garmin is well-known as an innovative leader. The company has already wowed the driving public with numerous previous models, and now they have introduced […]

Golf GPS Finder Easily Find the Best Golf GPS

By John V. W. Howe A golf GPS finder can help you zero in on the best golf GPS when you start shopping. There are numerous sites and sources with volumes of information that can overwhelm you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find one site to help you find the GPS you want […]

GPS Navigation Improvements

By LaZinnia Manley The Global Navigation System was designed for the US Military. The first GPS satellite was launched early in 1978 and the twenty fourth of the first generation satellites was launched in October 1985. The launching of the GPS system forever changed the way wars are waged and ultimately land and water navigation […]

GPS Location Technology Moving Beyond Vehicle Tracking to Protect Non Vehicle Based Lone Workers

By Matthew J Wright The use of GPS Fleet Management, also known as Vehicle Tracking or Vehicle Telematics, is increasingly common in today’s business environment, both in the private and public sectors. As the use of GPS Location technology has developed and become more widespread, so has the scope of its use widened. Once the […]