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How to Get Started With Ham Radios

By Brad Maxwell Ham radios are two way radios that, in essence, talk to one another without the help of any outside force. The technology has been around for a very, very long time. They are a great way to be prepared in case of an emergency. Here are three helpful tips on how to […]

With Sirius Portable Satellite Radio You Can Have Your Music, News, Or Talk Radio Anywhere!

By R. E. Peacock Do you remember the days when it was almost impossible to be able to listen to a good mix of the music or other radio programming that you wanted anywhere and anytime? I do, and believe me if you value your news and talk radio the way that I do it […]

So, You Want to Be a Radio Star?

By Donna Mac I say, “Go for it!” And be fully aware of your surroundings and situation as you enter this brave new world. These words are coming from a woman who’s been “on the air” nearly every week for, dare I say, 29 years.  The most fulfilling position I ever garnered was that as host […]

How Two Way Radios Work

By Anabel Scott Imagine the convenience of not having to plug your computer or notebook in just to peek into your inbox.  However, cellular phones can only operate in places where there is signal. The signal depends on the coverage of the mobile carrier that you are subscribed to, which usually becomes weaker in remote […]

Using a Marine VHF Radio

By John Routledge WHAT DO I SAY? The objective is always to use short phrases that can be put together in recognised patterns to make the meaning clear and to keep all messages as brief as possible. Several short statements are more easily understood than a long rambling sentence. Avoid unnecessary repetitions and speak slowly. […]

How to Promote Your Talk Radio Show

By Sean R Mize All The Normal Internet Ways To Promote A Site Before I jump into this, I want you to know it is good to get a few shows, actually 4 or 5 already done before you actually go full bore on promoting your show. Promoting your Internet Talk Radio Show site at […]