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Satellite Radio XM and Sirius Battle For Your $$$

By Dale Lawrence Satellite Radio is the future of broadcasting Satellite Radio, in short, can be described as commercial-free music, news, sports and talk shows. Many of the biggest players and events are now available from Sirius radio and XM radio like Howard Stern, Fred Schneider (the B52s), NFL, English Soccer, NBA, NASCAR, NHL, Major […]

Rock and Roll Satellites Beam Satellite Radio Coverage to Earth

By Bob Maines If you are new to the satellite radio wave, you may be wondering exactly how satellite radio works and more importantly how it is possible to provide you with such crystal clear coverage continent-wide. Satellite radio is able to provide coverage through two satellites which orbit the atmosphere. The satellites are Boeing […]

Two Way Radios A Few Things You Do Need to Know

By Domingo Mandelo The last time you were in an electrical component store, such as Radio Shack, did you happen to notice the two way radios that they have on their shelves? They were small, compact, very attractive and surprisingly cheap. Then when you stopped by a larger warehouse style store, you may have noticed […]

The NASCAR Channel on Sirius Radio

By Bob Maines Are you a true NASCAR fan? Do you live for those times when you can watch the bright lights and fast action of the racetrack? In the past the ability to catch all of the fast action was limited to those times when you could either be at the track in person […]

Open Access to Sirius Radios

By Bob Maines Proprietary systems abound; just take Apple for instance. Ever try to really do anything with iTunes that wasn’t Apple oriented? While that is probably a poor analogy, let’s look at it this way. Sirius radios are proprietary. This means that you must have a Sirius radio to listen to their programming (unless […]

The Benefits of Satellite Radio

By Bob Maines Radio is one of the oldest media forms in the world. Long before television existed, radio served to bring the nation together to listen to news, stories and generally enjoy a common experience. Television has largely filled the role that radio once held, but radio as a medium has grown into places […]

XM Satellite Radio with Satellite TV The New Way To Listen To Radio

By Randy Mccoy For many many years the only radio selections have been AM or FM and while each of these provide a different format some things are still the same. The static that can be found when trying to pull in that station you want to hear but just can not seem to get […]