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Hosted PBX Advanced Telephone Solutions For Businesses

By John Steven The hosted PBX phone system is an advanced telephone solution for small and medium-sized businesses and helps them enhance their business image. The advanced hosted PBX telephone system is integrated with stylish call management features that are usually found in the expensive premise-based phone systems of big companies. These include call conferencing, […]

What is a Virtual PBX System?

By David K Chan A virtual PBX system is a software solution that allows you to manage your phone number(s) and / or extensions. In reality a virtual PBX system does not even need to manage more than one number. It can provide you with a local or 800# number that customers call and then […]

Stop Unwanted Phone Calls Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Service!

By K.M. Cole If you are like thousands of other Americans out there, you despise receiving unwanted phone calls in the middle of the night. Whether there are hang-ups or prank calls, they need to stop, right! The best way to stop these unwanted phone calls is with a Reverse Phone Lookup service. These services […]

Why You Should Join a Reverse Phone Lookup Site

By Jan Kaloryfer You’ve probably had someone call your home or office from a number you did not recognize. These calls are sometimes from telemarketers that you would rather not talk with, but there are times when the call is from someone that would be of interest. In order to be able to find out […]

What Expenses Are Hiding in Your Long Distance Bill?

By Lee Kelso How much per minute is your business paying for long distance service? Seems like a simple question, but some simple math may produce surprising results.  Let’s assume you signed up for long distance at 3 cents per minute, a fair rate for small volume LD users. To find out your true cost divide your monthly total by the number […]

How to Manage and Solve Telecom Trouble Tickets

By Karen Thatcher Every company at one time or another will have telecom user issues and problems that someone – either inside or outside the firm – will need to address and solve.  Adding and removing lines, adding new phone features, internet troubles, phone system and voice mail issues, etc. are all problems that, more […]

Virtual Office Solutions With Business Phone Systems

By Robert A Hull The need to install phone systems even for small businesses are becoming more evident in this modern business world. This will offer you a virtual office solution due to the vast amount of features that your business can benefit from. Moreover, it will facilitate in your office activities so you can […]

Cost Effective Applications of 0800 Numbers

By Talha Khalid Ever since the advent of 0800 numbers, the businesses have discovered innovative ways of doing business. With the help of 0800 numbers, different organizations have found cost effective ways to doing their day to day activities. In this article, I have discussed how some businesses use 0800 numbers. With so many registered […]

Toll Free Conference Calling Facts You Should Know

By Takuya Hikichi Do You Need A Toll Free Number or Free Conference Provider? If you’re looking for a toll free conference service, do you mean a 1-800 (for US, 0-808 in Britain, 0120 in Japan etc) conference number or do you mean a “free” conference service provider?  If you’re only looking for a free […]

Telephone Equipment and the Various Choices

By Ron Legarski There are tons of different telephone equipment and accessories on the market. If you look at your local store you will see that they have all different shapes and sizes to cover all budgets. Most of the time, the sale items and accessories are ignored, because people just believe that they need […]