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Three Things to Prepare For Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Installation

By Hayi Mansoor Once you decide to install video conferencing hardware, it is very important to make sure that you get everything organized. While a professional installer can help you with some of these issues, it will still be of some help for you to get some ideas about what needs to be done beforehand. […]

The Secret Revealed of How Exhibitors Can Stand Out Thanks to Conference Video

By John Tim Mitchell To stay ahead companies need to be seen in their field and one of the traditional ways is to attend trade shows. Exhibiting is an expensive business and putting together a high quality stand just seems to add to the marketing costs. Sometimes exhibitors,however, fail to think about their potential target […]

Video Conferencing Solutions

By Tom Cruz Large and small businesses utilize the benefits of conferencing solutions. Nowadays, three types of conferencing solutions are utilized: Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing. Here is an overview of each type of conferencing solution that is used presently in businesses and companies domestically and globally. 1. Audio Conferencing Audio Conferencing is […]

Internet Teleconferencing Ultimate Cost Cutting Technology

By Jennifer Morriss Effective communication system is the most important factor for any organization, the better the communication the better the business. Latest advancements in the telephone and internet technologies revolutionized the way of communication dramatically. Internet teleconferencing technology is a latest cutting edge technology that allows individuals and organizations to utilize audio and video […]

What to Look For in a Video Conferencing Facility

By Lucas Mattioneli Any room in the office can become a video conferencing facility. This is because you only need the right hardware and software so people will be able to talk with other parties. In terms of hardware, the video conferencing facility must have a camera. It should be able to record real time […]

Receive at Least 5 Benefits Through Online Video Conferencing

By Caressa Waechter As a very powerful alternative to meeting in person, online video conferencing is really coming into its own. Businesses of any size are taking advantage of this technology to save on business travel, yet still have personal interaction with their customers. This is a very exciting technology for several different reasons. * […]

Efficient Use of Video Conferencing

By Chris Robertson Video conferencing is becoming an ever more important means of corporate communications. And with many companies restricting business travel due to rapidly rising travel and lodging costs, the adoption of video conferencing is increasing at record rates. Not everyone, however, is comfortable with this still fairly new means of communication, and some […]

Web Conference Services Working With Employees Located in Different Countries

By Alice Lane Many businesses nowadays have hundreds if not thousands of employees. These employees may all be located locally or scattered throughout the country. There are even businesses that have employees that are located in different countries throughout the world. In order to effectively work as a cohesive group with people working in different […]

Conference Call Solution Web Conference Calling Vs Offline Conference Calls

By Ethan D Orman One conference call solution that some people may not be familiar with is online conferencing, because this is a newer technology that has only been around for a few years now. You are likely familiar with offline conference call solution options that involves a phone and an operator connecting the group […]

Businesses Phone Systems

By Zaibatt Zaki Avaya phone system – A boon to the Business Phone Systems Avaya Phone systems are used as one of the fastest means of business solutions. Business organizations of almost all sizes are widely following the business phone as common means of communication to cater the business inquires and reach solution in very […]