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What Are the Exam Objectives For Checkpoint 156 702 Certification Exams?

By Anthony David Hopkins The exam name for checkpoint 156-702 is CPCS (checkpoint certified specialist) Interspect NGX. This certification helps the candidates to develop the skills as well as knowledge in the interspect NGX. Checkpoint 156-215.1 or checkpoint 156-215.65 is the prerequisite for taking up this 156- 702 certification examination. Examination objectives: The following are […]

What Are the Benefits and Objectives of Checkpoint 156 703 Certification Exam?

By Anthony David Hopkins Checkpoint’s 156-703 exam name is CPCS (checkpoint certified specialist) – connectra. This certification will help the candidates to gain knowledge and skills on CPCS- connectra. The prerequisites required for the candidates to write this examination is either checkpoint 156-215.1 or checkpoint 156-215.65. Benefits: Checkpoint certification is used in several fortune companies […]

CCNA 640 802 Best Way to Study For CCNA 640 802

By Harris Andrea Have you been struggling to know what is the best method to study the material for CCNA 640 802 certification exam? If yes, then in this article you will find out about the ideal methods you need to follow in order to assimilate and learn the required knowledge to pass the exam. […]

Microsoft Certification Training Is it Worth Squat?

By Andrew Crawford Microsoft certifications, whether you like it or not, are popular. This is hardly surprising when not only do Microsoft own the computer industry, their certifications have been around for nearly 30 years so do not look like they will be stopping any time soon. Why would they? It is a huge business […]

Why You Need a CCNA Certification?

By Alina Michael The IT industry of the entire world is growing at an amazingly enormous rate today with great challenges coming up ahead. There are new ventures taking place, and new innovations and discoveries finding a place for themselves among people. The world is becoming an interconnected, smaller whole with perfectionism and efficiency becoming […]

Oracles 10g DBA Certifications Introduction

By Alina Michael The introduction of 10g DBA certifications has been done by Oracle. Oracle turning up with 10g highlights its reaching third level of DBA certification. You need to emerge successful in 1 exam for Oracle Certified Associate OCA. Further for Oracle Certified Professional OCP you not only need to pass one examination but […]

Understanding Microsoft Exam 70 297

By Alina Michael Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure is known as Exam 70-297 which is meant for IT people who wants to be certified of their competency. It was first published in October 21, 2003. This exam is conducted in four languages such as English, French, German and Japanese. […]

Preparations in Taking A+ Certification Examination

By Nghia Bui A+ certification was created by and organization called CompTIA. These kinds of certification are given to those computer technicians to accredit their capabilities in their field. In order to be certified you need to take and exam and be able to pass it just like how other International certification program do and […]

MCSE Boot Camp The Best Option in MCSE Certification Program

By Smit Mathur The expansion of Information Technology (IT) has encouraged college students and career-centric people to apply for jobs in IT industries for a successful and long-lasting career. Due to the technology hype and the availability of jobs in this field, more and more aspiring applicants are applying for different program certifications, the most […]

Information Technology Certification Intelligence

By Bill Naugle Information technology news and technical information pertaining to certification intelligence for exam training is the main purpose of this article. Many people do not know the difference between computer training and certification exam training. I would like to inform everyone what the differences are. Computer training is classroom education with scheduled courses […]