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How to Get Into Top Computer Forensic School

By Jack Jong Looking for a computer forensic school? Want to get into the top school? In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to secure you a place in the top school. First of all, find out what the requirements to get yourself into the school. As different schools have different entry […]

Protect the Internal Network From Hackers

By Raza Khalifa Attention! All the hackers on the systems of various according to their sects and wishes are eager to penetrate your network, but you can defeat these attacks by providing an appropriate combination of security tactics. Networks are daily threaded with attacks, so you need to provide permanent protection. No doubt that the […]

An Overview of Employment Opportunities in Computer Forensics

By Jeslyn Jessy The field of computer forensics has emerged because of computers. Why is it so? Computers have become part of our lives. We use computers to do business presentations and generate statistics. We utilize computers to surf internet, send and receive emails as well as communicate with our friends through instant messaging. In […]

Things to Do Before You Start Earning a Computer Forensics Degree

By J.J. Yong If you enjoy watching crime-solving movies and you would like to become a part of the crime fighting team, then you can start thinking of becoming a computer forensic investigator. Furthermore, it is an advantage for those who are IT-savvy individuals as most of the investigation involves the use of computers and […]

Data Security on CDs and DVDs

By Jonathan Ladd We always think to secure our computer from viruses, spywares and take different security measures to do it but never think about the protection of data we use to write on our DVDs and CDs. We just write CDs and DVDs with our data and put it in CD case and lock […]

Computer Forensics Consultants

By Bill Pratt The field of computer forensics consultation is emerging and fast growing, as this kind of service is offered to various military groups, governmental agencies, small companies and big corporations. Computer forensics specialists offer services by an independent capacity. This would mean that they are not under any institution or agency as staff. […]

Speeding PHP Using APC PHP Cache

By Jon Murray If you look at a PHP source file you will notice one thing. It’s a source file. Not particularly surprising, but think about when you deploy a PHP application, what do you deploy? PHP source files. Now for many other languages; Java, C, etc when you deploy an application you deploy the […]

So You Want to Become a Private Investigator?

By Analyn Gerellana Gravoso Today, the Internet private investigation is becoming popular. This is because many people now put their information on the Internet. This form of investigation is mainly used to get people who commit Internet fraud. They use different software to get hold of these people. There are lots of factors to put […]