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How Outlook Recovery Can Help You

By Glen E. Conway The people in the IT department never seem to be very important to the rest of the company until the system goes down. When the email system goes down, though, everyone starts screaming and it then becomes clear how important those IT people are. No company can live without their email […]

Why You Shouldnt Be Without an Outlook Recovery Tool

By Glen E. Conway When it comes to handling a company’s computer systems, one of the things that often gets lost in the mix is Outlook recovery. People forget that a company’s email is as important as their paper records are and that they are now obligated to keep track of all email, both incoming […]

Features of SQL Database Backup Services

By Karl Rechcheski Oftentimes, disaster happens to our computers and our data gets easily corrupted or lost. This may be because of viruses, human error, or calamities. But, whatever happens you should always have a backup of your files. So, for anyone who is using a computer, a database backup is important. This may take […]

Be on the Offensive and Get Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

By Sam Grimsey So you don’t have a warning system on your computer? You do on your house and your car. If you want to protect your computer from getting in a wreck, then have hard disk data recovery software installed or available when something tragic happens. It’s important to the safety of countless pieces […]

How to Recover Lost iphoto Library Folder Photos

By Simpson Raid iPhoto is an Apple-provided application built for Mac OS X operating system and comes bundled with each Macintosh computer. The tool is used to import, maintain, share, print, and edit digital pictures. iPhoto organizes these photos and your library information in a specific folder called iPhoto Library Folder. All the photos that […]

Secure Delete Do You Need It?

By Leo Notenboom Secure Delete makes sure that when you delete a file it can’t be recovered. Understanding Secure Delete is important to protect your data properly. Depending on your level of healthy paranoia and the sensitivity of your data, plain old “delete” may not always be enough. Deleting a file in Windows doesn’t actually […]

Hard Drive Makes a Sound How to Recover Lost Data From a Hard Drive

By Birender Singh Most computer users, like myself, understand very little about the technical problems of a system. But we all know that just because we don’t know or understand it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The problem with hard drives is that we don’t know what is going on inside it. We only hear […]

How to Check Registry For Errors and Fix Them

By Jason Webber It is very important to know how to check the Windows registry because of one simple reason: the registry is one of the main causes of most errors in Windows. Let’s talk about how to tell if it’s time to check the registry and how to check and fix issues with it. […]

Database Backup and Recovery Needs

By Samuel J Brown Though many database systems nowadays incorporate tools for database backup and recovery in their infrastructure and interfaces, it is wise to comprehend what the entire backup and recovery process entails. With growing volumes of both personal and organizational information, there is definitely a need for safe backup and recovery. Maintain your […]

NEVER Try to Recover Your Own Data Data Recovery

By Myloer Jamery The hard drive that holds your personal, professional and intimate information is a very delicate component of your computer. While the hard drive may seem like a sturdy piece of equipment, one false move when attempting to recover data can the entire backup file of information could be lost forever. When data […]