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7 Things You Can Forget When You Have a Netbook

By Mika Staplesson Those who are new to netbooks come from either no computer background, or they have some experience with desktop or notebook systems and there are habits they should shake off to live their life to the fullest with their new device. Not that they’re be all end all mistakes, but it always […]

Slow Laptop Fix Top 5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Laptop in Less Than 5 Minutes

By Jimmie S Meng We usually want our laptops to run fast rather than slow. However, it might not be as difficult to fix a slow laptop problem as you thought. You can make it run fast again by yourself instead of having it repaired in the shop. Here are some of the best and […]

Tips to Choosing the Right Laptop

By Fredrick Joy The use of laptop is on the increase every year in tune with the fast changing lifestyles and hectic work schedules. The sale of laptops is also picking up correspondingly. As usual the industry is responding to the market demands and consequently innumerable brands and models of laptops are flooding the markets. […]

Find Out What You Ought to Know About Netbooks

By Matthew Richard Kerridge There has been somewhat of a revolution in laptop design over recent years; culminating in the arrival of netbooks. A lighter, cheaper and stripped down version of the traditional laptop, they have come a long way from their beginnings as an answer to providing developing countries with affordable computers. This excellent […]

Netbook Buying Tips For the Holiday Season

By Ahmad Sid Netbook Computer, a new sensation in mobile computing, is super light weight, very compact, ultra portable and comes with up-to 9 hours battery life. This year alone over 25% laptops sold worldwide are netbook computers. Netbook Specification Intel Atom Processor, 1+ GB Ram, 100+ GB Hard Drive, 9 to 12 inch display […]

Cheap Laptop Repairs and You 5 Ways to Reduce the Cost

By Carmen Kadarren While the laptop is an impressive piece of technology, problems may arise which require our attention. The cost to fix a laptop can be very expensive when you send it to a technician. The design of laptops and most of its internal components vary by manufacturer and product lines. Due to these […]

Staying Connected on the Road

By Leo Notenboom Fortunately, mobile connectivity has improved dramatically in the last several years. Whether you are using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, you have many options to choose from. Hotel Internet Where hotels used to offer only “data ports” into which you plugged your modem, it’s common today for there to be high speed internet or […]

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Whats All the Buzz About?

By Roxanna Stille Apple’s MacBook Pro Laptop with the 13.3 inch screen has been getting an awful lot of buzz since it came out. So what’s this buzz all about? Well, to start with, this sturdy notebook includes a revolutionary battery that lasts as long as five years, more than three times longer than traditional […]

Reviewing Laptop Trade Sites Like Gazelle

By Mark Grey Selling our old laptops and electronics online should not send us haring off like a Gazelle to a site, simply because it´s the only one you know, or your friend used it – we all know what is good for the neighbor isn´t always the best choice for us. There is a […]

Mini Notebooks in Education

By Frieder Smith Many school-going kids have to carry bags that weigh twice their own weight. This can have adverse effect on their health. The governments of many developed countries have made efforts to address this problem and have decided to minimize the number of books children carry to their schools by introducing mini notebooks […]