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Kobo The Back to Basics eReader

By Christopher Auriol For a long time the Amazon Kindle has been the preferred eReader due to its ability to read a book in direct sunlight, its long battery life, and its “whispersyncing” with Amazon content. However, despite all these advantages, for a casual book reader, buying a Kindle doesn’t make much economic sense. An […]

What Are Binary Newsgroups and the Usenet?

By Jason Straughan Long before Napster, LimeWire, BitTorrent, P2P, and even Google, there was usenet, and it was good. Originally used to post text based messages by engineers and geeks, users quickly found ways to upload encoded files, thereby creating one of the oldest file sharing mechanisms on the internet. As messages were (and still […]

Resolution For Msvcrt Dll Errors

By Greg Harry Barker Msvcrt.dll is a file required by the Microsoft Visual C++ Functions library to make your system run more effectively and efficiently. This file is used by many software applications and is designed to make your computer run smoothly and effectively. Unfortunately, it’s also the cause of many errors which need to […]

How to Uninstall CA Antivirus

By Gui Yi Huang Last weekend, I was told by my friend that he did not see any CA files when he did a search through his files after finish the removal of the CA antivirus program, CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009, in the control panel. However, he still getting CA Parental Control blocking […]

Maintain System Some Tips About System Maintenance

By Arial Green I am sure that all the users hope computers can run fast, but if you do not maintain your computer carefully, it is just like daydream. That is right, your computer really needs your care so as to work efficiently. And, in this article, I would like to introduce how to maintain […]

Logitech mx518 Review

By Kevin Mosk Most people I know think that buying a proper mouse is a waste of money. They usually just say that a cheap mouse works just as well. But look at it this way. Do you use your computer allot? Do you play allot of games or maybe you work on the computer. […]

Macs Or PCs? Which Way to Go?

By Brett Kingston I’ve had computers for over twenty years of my life now. I couldn’t imagine life without them at this point, and boy have they come a long way. The days of slow computers that needed disks in order to function are way behind us, and super machines have taken hold of the […]

Technology Revolutions in Education

By Henry Jeon Technology has simply revolutionized the way humans live and work. It has become a necessity, if for a day we are deprived of electricity we feel our lives have come to an end. We have become dependent on electricity to an extent from where there is no return. Technology has allowed us […]

A Free and Easy Extra Layer of Security For Your Home Computer

By Todd Butler If you are a parent and have children (or others) that need protecting from offensive or dangerous Internet sites and have trouble finding the right solution because of cost or too many choices, then you are not alone. For many users, having to pay an annual subscription for protection from these dangerous […]

Desktop Computers Used Systems Makes Sense

By Matthew Richard Kerridge Used desktop computers doesn’t necessarily mean computers that are old, out dated and ready to be thrown out. Refurbished and recertified computers also fall under the used category simply because they are not brand new from the factor. They, however, have had components replaced with new parts and are usually just […]