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Bankruptcy Attorneys Posing As Debt Relief Companies

By Eric Avenaim Debt Relief Scams- Avoid Bankruptcy Attorneys in Disguise The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued a warning in 2004 that gave consumers a heads up on attorneys that were posing as a debt relief service of some kind in order to generate business and lure in desperate consumers in need of help. All […]

Let Your Bankruptcy Attorney Guide You to a Brighter Tomorrow

By Nick Messe Even in the land of plenty, otherwise known as North America, where it appears that most people are doing fine, things can go awry. A layoff or illness can leave you with little or no income and put you in dire straits. Perhaps your business suffers a downturn due to market changes. […]

Tips For Choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer

By W. M. Blake Too much debt and too little money, can sometimes lead to bankruptcy. If you find yourself in this situation then the next inevitable step may be to file for bankruptcy. But before you take on this difficult task, it is important to secure an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Filing bankruptcy is a […]

Bankruptcy Lawyers Understanding How Bankruptcy Lawyers Work

By Benjamin Robert Ehinger Is bankruptcy the right decision for you? If you ask any bankruptcy lawyer they will tell you that it is. Alright, there might be a handful of bankruptcy lawyers that are honest and are not just after your pocket book. Does it really make sense that you have to pay huge […]

6 Helpful Tips When Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

By Frank R Williams With this state of current financial troubles you may find yourself needing a professional to help rehab your finances. A bankruptcy attorney can help. Here is a list to help in your decision. 1. Free Consultation A bankruptcy attorney should NOT  charge a consultation fee. After all you are in financial […]

Mortgage Broker Jobs the New Alternative

By Henri Schauffler If you’re a mortgage professional these days, you probably aren’t doing so hot. Lenders are tightening the purse strings, which for you means that you just cannot make as many sales as you’re used to for the simple fact that you just aren’t going to have as many qualified leads–especially if you […]

Credit How to Find the Right Attorney Part 2

By Nate Perrott 2. Ask Friends and Relatives for Recommendations This may not seem like a very helpful suggestion. If you’re like most people, you’re embarrassed about your situation and you don’t want anyone else to know your business. But you might want to put your pride aside and seek advice from people whose opinions […]

How Bankruptcy Lawyers Help Even When You Dont File

By Gerard Simington The times, they are a tough. This recession is so bad that millions are contemplating filing bankruptcy. Whether you file or not is between you and your attorney, but it is vital to understand a bankruptcy attorney has a secondary purpose even if you don’t file. The economic conditions are brutal. People […]

Bankruptcy How to Choose a Lawyer

By Ric Bai If you choose to file bankruptcy and you decide to use a lawyer how do you determine who to use? The answer is simple, interview them. Most bankruptcy lawyers will consult with you for free and this is your time to interview them. Go to at least 3-5 consultations and know the […]