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Effects of Declaring Personal Bankruptcy That Requires Careful Consideration

By Jeremy Edwards If you have reached a point where your finances are spiraling out of control and you can simply not afford to repay debts you owe within three years and even with significant cut backs and changes to your spending, then you are most likely in a situation where you are considering the […]

If You Are Considering a Do It Yourself Bankruptcy, Read This First!

By Paul Richardson If you are at a point where you are considering the possibility of declaring yourself bankrupt as a last resort to deal with debt problems, then it is probably fair to assume that the last thing in the world you want right now is another bill. For this reason, a number of […]

Unemployment and Bankruptcy

By Joseph Devine Many people understand that tough times may befall an individual at certain points in their lives. People’s livelihoods are often subjected to changes in the economy, consumer markets, business successes, and personal risks. In times of economic downturn, individuals may find themselves without the financial support that they were once used to. […]

How Bankruptcy Can Stop Your Creditors Dead in Their Tracks

By Josh Ramos Few things can be as stressful as the constant harassment from your creditors. If you’ve ever gotten to the point where you’re afraid to answer the phone, or you just don’t care anymore and ignore all of your phone calls, you definitely are in over your head. Did you know that bankruptcy […]

Free Bankruptcy? Or, at Least, Cheap and Low Cost!

By Benjamin Anosike, Ph.D. Just by simple definition alone, a debt-burdened consumer who files for bankruptcy is presumed doing so simply by reason of the fact that he or she has no money. Hence, what better proposition for a person who seeks this than for him or her to be able to file FREE bankruptcy! […]

Unsecured Bankruptcy Debts What Happens to Your Belongings When You Declare Bankruptcy?

By Jason Rodriguez If you’re in severe financial straits, you’re probably looking into all kinds of options to get out of your financial problems. However, many people refuse to consider the possibility of bankruptcy out of embarrassment or simply because of misconceptions about the bankruptcy code. One of the biggest questions people have is what […]

If Your Only Debt is Your Home, Should You File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

By Nick Adama If you do not have any other debts besides your home, it might not make sense to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to avoid a foreclosure. Chapter 13 can turn out to be a pretty expensive repayment plan, so if you do file, you should know what to expect as a monthly payment. […]

Can I File For Bankruptcy For Free?

By Joseph Then Filing bankruptcy can be a costly process. Many people wonder if they can file bankruptcy for free. This is a tricky question and one that may not make some people too happy. Read on to learn the answer to – Can I file bankruptcy for free? The New Laws The new bankruptcy […]

What is a Means Test Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By William S Bailey In the recent years, bankruptcy has become the only way out for many people suffering unbearable debts. According to the US law, a business, partnership, a corporation or an individual like you and me, can seek relief from debt under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy law. Last year on October 17, […]

Can You Avoid Bankruptcy?

By Jon Arnold You can still avoid bankruptcy even when you are backed into a corner with financial problems. No one plans to have financial downfalls when they go through life, but life happens. Sometimes things can be out of your control such as you or a family member getting sick or perhaps you lost […]