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Should I Choose Bankruptcy Over an IVA?

By Edward Woodwards When it comes to financial problems and their solutions, everyone has their own unique set of circumstances, which makes their situation unique, and hence, the solution also being unique instead of being generalised. Hence, one should keep in view that whenever you are thinking about bankruptcy or IVA, it is important to […]

The Cost of Bankruptcy Dont Expect it to Be Small

By Neil Douglas-Campbell The cost of bankruptcy will hit you in a number of different ways. There is the actual cost of filing for bankruptcy, the legal and counseling fees that you will probably have to pay and the increased cost of credit and insurance premiums over an extended period after your bankruptcy. Cost of […]

Dont Let the Recession Get the Better of You

By Alisdair Cosgrove Many people these days will still remember the terrible effects of the recession of the 1980s and 1990s, and most will realise that steps need to be taken to minimise risks during a time of recession. As most of us are now aware the nation is now going through another recession, and […]

Entering the World of Real Estate After Bankruptcy

By Peter Vekselman If you’ve personally been touched by the pain and embarrassment of bankruptcy you may think that your life will never be the same again. You may also believe that real estate investing is a thing of the past because lenders will forever consider you to be damaged goods. Fortunately, life does go […]

Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

By Chad R Fisher If you’ve filed for bankruptcy and are getting ready to come out of it, it may seem paradoxical, but you need to get right back on the horse and start applying for credit cards. Each credit card will have a different credit balance, which is exactly what you need. It will […]

Credit Pre Bankruptcy Tips, Part 3

By Nate Perrott DO: Pay Your Basic Expenses-And Your Lawyer Also, you’ll need whatever cash you have for other things. Some people let the rent slide so they can send something to that persistent fellow calling from Discover. You have to take care of your family first and that means keeping a roof over your […]

Credit Pre Bankruptcy Tips Part 1

By Nate Perrott Timing is crucial in bankruptcy. The day you file, you must list all your debts and all your assets as of that day. But the day you file is up to you and your lawyer. That is one of the many decisions you’ll have to make. In these articles, I’ll tell you […]