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Three Proven Techniques For Car Loan Approval After Bankruptcy

By Shelly Evans Most consumers associate bankruptcy with reduced credit options. The reason for this is that many people know for a fact that it will be very difficult for them to get good financing deals once they have filed for bankruptcy. How come? Well, most lenders today tend to shy away from extending credit […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Requirements

By James Witherspoon If you have find yourself in a financial crunch, and you are deciding to opt out by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are several steps you must take to have your application reviewed and accepted by the US Bankruptcy court. Failure to meet any of the following requirements may result in […]

Credit Card Debt Bankruptcy There Are Better Debt Relief Solutions Than Bankruptcy

By Diane Sheridan A debt relief solution that isn’t bankruptcy might be something worthwhile in the overall scheme of financial options. If you’re over the top in credit card debt, there is a better debt relief solution than having to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will only bring you trouble in the long term. Either from liquidation […]

Can You Really Avoid Bankruptcy? Find Out the Possibilities

By James Wesley A sad fact of life is that increasing numbers of people are finding themselves in a position, either though unfortunately circumstances or financial mismanagement, in a position where they are simply unable to pay back outstanding debts. Under these circumstances they may consider bankruptcy, yet the stigma attached to this viable means […]

What is Bankruptcy Automatic Stay and How Does it Provide Relief For You?

By Jeremy Edwards Being in debt is hugely stressful and the constant calls from creditors demanding money that you simply do not have is most definitely something that will probably keep you awake at night! Being hassled repeatedly by those demanding money is terribly stressful. If you are in a position where it seems highly […]

When Should You Declare Bankruptcy? Read This Important Information Before You Decide

By Jeremy Edwards The biggest question for anyone who has debt piling up, is weighing the proper time for filing for bankruptcy actually is. All too often people listen to the financial world who insist that bankruptcy should be nothing less than the last possible resort. As a result, many people put forth the effort […]

How to Avoid Bankruptcy

By Roslyn Coffield The economy has struggled over the last year or so, and many consumers are tempted to file for bankruptcy to try and avoid further financial trouble. It isn’t always easy to see that bankruptcy can be very difficult, and could actually do your credit worthiness more damage than good. If you choose […]

A Closer Look at Bankruptcy Proceedings

By Roslyn Coffield Bankruptcy is used by both individuals and business to get rid if their debts. They can then repay these debts with protection from the bankruptcy court. There are two kinds of bankruptcy: reorganization and liquidation. Under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, liquidation bankruptcy happens when you ask the bankruptcy court to […]

Cost of Bankruptcy Why You Need to Analyze it Completely

By Mercy Maranga The cost of bankruptcy is an aspect you need to investigate before you decide that this is the way for you to get out of your financial situation. Since you are already broke you do not want to end up in a situation where you will end up in more debt. It […]

Declare Bankruptcy Protection The Financial Answer to Foreclosure and Credit Card Debt

By Daniel P Elliott Despite the country experiencing a slowing economy, riddled with skyrocketing unemployment and financial assistance at all time highs, one would assume that the overly aggressive and predatory lending habits of diminishing banks would have abated.  Unfortunately that has not been the case.  As more and more lending institutions are filing for […]