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Personal Budgeting Strategies What Group Are You In?

By Eric Transue Personal budgeting strategies vary from person to person, but three of the most popular strategies are below. Not Keeping Track at All The majority of people don’t have a budget and don’t keep track of their spending. When they want to buy something they buy it. These people usually are in the […]

Frugal Living in the 21st Century

By Christopher Ciecierski While you can save a significant amount of money by frugal living, at some point you reach an end. You can live off of the grid, raising your own food and clothing but at some point, there is no more to save. The key to frugal living lies in making your finger […]

Credit Budgeting to Live Debt Free

By Pam Donaldson Mounting debts can be a death sentence for anyone’s financial freedom. Given today’s economy, it’s easy for many people to stumble to its pits with no way of climbing back out. It doesn’t have to be that way though and knowing ways in order to fight it is always a good start. […]

Make Money Your Best Friend

By Christine Graham Let’s face it! Most of us work hard for our money so we would like to see the results of our hard work. Money can be an enemy if you let it become one. You must realize by now that the way to have more money is to spend less. If you […]

Lower My Electric Bill Today

By Thomas Cognato With the current economic crisis and the constant rise and fall of energy costs, there are a lot of people asking “how can I lower my electric bill”? Well, that is probably one of the most asked questions from those who have a monthly electricity bill to pay today. Certainly the easiest […]

Prepare a Realistic Budget to Start the Year Off Right

By Natalie MacLellan Monday we talked about various financial resolutions you might make, and the importance of getting your finances in order for the new year. The best place to start, in my opinion, is with a budget. For some reason I can’t fully understand, budgets scare people. I don’t know how many times I […]

Are You a Penny Pincher? Probably If You Follow This List

By Kristen Easton Penny pinching is much more popular these days and everyone is looking for ways to save money, spend wisely and generally be financially healthier. Here are some suggestions. 1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, even if for a short time. Mythbusters proved that it’s more economical to shut […]

Money Calculator 6 Tools to Help You Know Your Money!

By Kelly Drew Osborne There are tons of nifty money calculators out there for free on the internet that can actually be used to help us out with our day to day problems. Some of them might really be useful and hence, I thought of listing them up here- 1. Debt planner calculator- This is […]

Beneficial Tips to Get Rid of Economic Recession in the Future

By Mary Leo L Joyce There are many factors to consider as to why it happens but an economic recession can happen to us almost at any time so all of us ought to be ready for it. Follow these guidelines, and then you will be less likely to be caught unawares until finally it […]

Five Back to School Savings Tips

By Stephen Jones Sr Every year thousands of parents grab a cart and engage in the age old tradition of back to school shopping. There is a level of excitement in the air as students consider new school supplies and what clothes they will wear back to school. All parents can do is look at […]