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Foreclosure on Credit History How to Wipe Out a Foreclosure on Your Credit History

By Frances Hobsons Foreclosure is one of the last resort to freedom from debt. People under tremendous pressure of debt having exhausted all options to debt relief opt for bankruptcy or surrender their house. Letting go the home of your dream would be very painful and frustrating. Besides, the trail appears on your credit report […]

When to Succumb to Debt Counseling

By Naomi Smith Debt counseling agencies are in abundance these days. Such is quite not surprising since many individuals were trapped in the web of credit problems. Such is perhaps the realistic effect of the sudden and recent economic downturn that hit the globe. Others might not be as seriously affected with the recent economic […]

Credit Counseling Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know the Answer To

By John M. Stevens Credit Counseling can be a good option to get out of debt depending on your particular situation. If you’re interested in this financial choice, you’re probably starting to ask yourself questions such as how much it costs and if it affects your chances of getting a new loan. The following five […]

Three Tips on How to Fix My Credit Report

By Ken P. How can I fix my credit report? Sound familiar? First of all I am assuming that you already have a copy of your credit report. If not then you need to contact the credit agency and get a copy. If you do then keep reading. I am going to lay down the […]

Should You Use a Consumer Debt Counseling Agency?

By Marjorie Salada It used to be consumer debt counseling agencies were somewhat looked down on. If you had to use one, it signified that you had debt that you could not manage. That may be true, but dealing with a problem is as much about how you handle it as it is about the […]

Consolidate Debts Loans, Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling?

By Shellaine Enfesta Consolidate debt loans? Many people find themselves in debt and it will be very hard not to feel the pinch and stress of dealing with it. It always reverberates in their minds on how they will ever get back on their feet again. It seems very hard to find what the answers […]

What Can Bad Credit Repair Do to My Score?

By Hector Milla Many people have resulted to the financial aid of using credit loans maintaining the required credit ratings. A sound credit score is all what is required in the act of obtaining financial leverage. It’s the measure all lenders use in identifying the rate of risk that in lending out they get exposed […]

You Can Now Erase 50 60% of Your Credit Card Debt!

By Scott Chaflin You don’t have to file bankruptcy if you have credit card debt. Last year alarming facts now show us that 95% of all bankruptcies files were a direct result of credit card debt that could no longer be paid to their creditors. This is exactly what your creditors want, to take everything […]

Know Your Credit Rights!

By Skippy Phant I recently received a letter from CBCS Collections out of Columbus, Ohio, demanding payment for an old credit card debt. This debt has been sold to various collectors at least three times prior to CBCS. As I was unable to satisfy the debt due to unemployment, the original amount due was written […]

Fixing Credit Histories How Specialists Can Help

By Bob Perlling Fixing credit histories is not always an easy business. If cleaning up your credit history seems too complicated or unmanageable for you, you may want to consider seeking the help of a specialist. A Credit Restoration Specialist Has Three Goals: Goal one is to work with your creditors to make your debt […]