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The Legacy of the Childless Who is Included in the Estate Plan?

By Dr Robb Musgrave While many families struggle with the issues relating to being fair verses being equal in relation to estate planning and their children, childless couples struggle with other important issues. For those individuals or families, who by choice or by consequence have not had children, they have different issues and challenges, which […]

Estate Planning and Trusts A Necessity For the Children Who Are Left Behind

By Daniel P Elliott In many families, planning for the future is often thought of, but following through with the plan is seldom accomplished. Having a will and a life insurance policy is a step everyone must take to prepare their family and spouse for the future. When there are children under the age of […]

The Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust

By Hank Brock A Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) was created to provide an income to a non-charitable beneficiary while simultaneously transferring the remainder interest to a qualified charity. The donor would irreversibly transfer securities or property to a trustee. The trustee would then pay the donor (or other income beneficiary) income from the property for […]

Mechanicles Of A Good Living Trust Part 2

By R. Chary Parties to the Trust TRUSTOR The trustor is the individual/s who create the Living Trust. Trustor is also known as the Creator. Trustor/s will sign as Trustors. Then there is nothing much they need to do unless they wish to make changes to the trust. SETTLOR Settlor, who is almost the same […]

Understanding the Wills Probate Process

By Simon Volkov Wills probate refers to the legal process used to appraise property values and distribute assets belonging to a person who has died. Decedents can designate beneficiaries, establish guardianship for minor children, and appoint an estate administrator to manage their estate through the execution of a Last Will and Testament.   The administrator […]

Family Law Estate Planning 101

By Ki Gray Estate planning empowers you and your family to carry out your wishes during and after your death. There are a lot of steps in the process to complete an estate plan. Before you do anything, though, you need to determine who you want to get what from your estate, and who will […]

21st Century Grave Robbers Exploit the Dead, Harm the Living, Part 2

By Lou Ann Anderson Looting estates by using wills, trusts or guardianships to divert assets in a manner contrary to the known wishes of a decedent or disabled/incapacitated person is a growing trend.  Cases occur in the U.S. and throughout the developed world.  Australian businessman Diarmuid Hannigan wrote Lawyers or Grave Robbers? about an estate […]

Self Directed Installment Sale, Charitable Remainder Trust Or 1031 TIC Which is Right For You?

By Paula Straub I’ve written a lot about how a SDIS or a CRT or a 1031-TIC might be right for other people, but how do you decide if one is right for you? There are several things you should think about when trying to choose between these three options: 1) Are you at a […]

Pet Trusts What is a Pet Trust?

By Kevin Von Tungeln You’ve included provisions in your will for your children, and you know that the estate or trust that you’re leaving behind will continue to provide for them after you are gone. But have you considered who will provide for your loving animal companion? Traditionally, parents have made provisions for the long-term […]

The True Importance of Estate Planning

By Rick Goldfeller When it’s time for you to say goodbye to your loved ones, and say hello to your maker in person, what’s gonna happen to everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve? I’m not talking about the medals and other “feel-good” rewards you’ve earned, but the material commodities you have with real financial […]