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A Guide to Getting an Inexpensive Home Loan

By Steven K. Jackson Getting a home loan to buy your dream home nowadays is quite tough. Even with the drop in interest rates, it is hard to find an affordable home loan. You should make sure you get the best deal on your loan since you will be repaying for the next twenty to […]

Using Your Equity to Improve Your Life

By Norman Sheppard Owning a house has many advantages. Renting an apartment is a workable solution for those who can not afford the 40% down payment necessary for a mortgage loan however, keep in mind that renters are accumulating equity, someone else’s equity but equity all the same. When you own a house and are […]

A Smart Home Loan Plan

By Aekkapol Kongvicheinwat Are You Looking For A Home Loan? To build a home is always a dream for many. Gaining a sound knowledge about various smart loan programs is very essential. If you are falling short of money, home financing comes to your rescue. California Refinance loans offer creative home financing plans. There is […]

California Home Loans With New FHA Guidelines

By Bryan Dornan For those in California home loans with the FHA are coming under new guidelines beginning January 1, 2010. People in California need to be aware of the changes so that they can make the best decision for their own finances. Congress recently passed a bill that will extend the current FHA loan […]

Bad Credit Home Refinance Refinancing Despite Money Troubles!

By Mable Vandenberg Are you planning on refinancing your home to save a few bucks? A lot of people are looking into this option nowadays. Thanks to the credit crunch, we’ve all had to tighten the belt a little. And we’re looking around to save as much money as we can. Chances are that you […]

Amortization Schedule Can it Actually Lower My Mortgage Payment?

By Chris G Bell There are a few different ways to look at the benefit of an amortization schedule in a positive way. It breaks down your mortgage payment into the principal and interest parts. The reason for it is to show you how the first couple of years are mostly interest that you are […]

Second Mortgage Loan Rates Tips and Advice

By S Kung If you own a home that has equity in it, you are probably already aware that you can get approval for a second mortgage loan. These second mortgage loans are very popular because they can be used for doing home renovations, paying off existing debt, or even buying another piece of property. […]

First Time Homebuyers Why Some First Time Homebuyers Still Rent

By Joffrey Long “We keep looking, but we still don’t have a house.” Like many potential first time homebuyers, Mark and Tara Carlson have been pre-approved for a loan and have looked at a number of homes. There’s just one thing missing – they haven’t bought a house. “Every time my husband and I find […]

Home Equity Loan Some General Information

By David Patullo It is easy to avail of a Wyoming home Equity Loan if your home is located in Wyoming and you are looking for a quick way to borrow cash. By getting a loan using equity, you basically put your own home up as a sort of security when you borrow money. Home […]

Home Loans Get Your Dream House With Home Loans

By Manuel Manolo When a man and women get together and are ready to start a family, then the first thing that comes to their mind is to own a home. It is every man’s dream to provide a decent home for themselves and their families. For some it is very affordable and they can […]