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Business Car Leasing Benefits

By Lisa A Mason Business car leasing is an excellent way to represent your company in style. What you drive says a lot about a person and their personality and the same is true for businesses. Driving a vehicle that is well-maintained and stylish shows that you care about your business. This gives the public […]

Understanding Car Leasing

By Andrew Kosinski Leasing a car is like paying to rent it for a period anywhere from two to four, or sometimes, five years; you get to use it during that time, but you don’t own it at the end of the lease. The main benefit to lease is that your car lease payments will […]

Smart Equipment Leasing Strategies Its in the Fine Print

By Mary Redmond The U.S. Department of Commerce continues to cite what business owners and financial managers already know: rapidly changing technology and cost-containment issues have spurred phenomenal growth in the equipment leasing market. Despite current economic difficulties, Global Insight, Inc., predicts that over $1.15 trillion in equipment will be acquired during 2009. More than […]

Equipment Leasing End Options Its Not As Confusing As Youd Think!

By Nicholas Fitch Equipment Leasing- Due to the fact that most people associate “leasing” with consumer vehicles, there is a big misconception that equipment leasing is complicated and costly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Equipment leasing allows for some of THE MOST flexible business financing options around, and the possible TAX SAVINGS ARE […]

The Benefit of Associations

By Alice Lane Everywhere you turn there are people in this association or that one. There is the homeowners association or HOA in many residential neighborhoods that is there to protect the value of your home. There is an association for just about every profession in the world. Trade associations, health associations, business associations, professional […]

Car Leasing As a Family Affair

By Scott McQuarrie Everyone knows that situations change for young couples, as they drive to their honeymoons in roadsters and sports cars, and switch to station wagons or SUVs nine (or so) months later. Needs change, which is why auto leasing is a great option for young couples. Different family situations require different approaches, but […]