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Form 5045 Could Mean Thousands in Homebuyers Tax Credits

By Xavier Holland The First Time Homebuyers’ Tax Credit is a government measure to strengthen a crumbling housing market. In order to be eligible, you have to purchase, or have had purchased, your first primary residence between January 1, 2009 and April 1, 2010. In order to actually apply for this new tax credit, you […]

Stamp Duty Cuts on Property to End the Housing Crisis

By Andy Richardson Lately, I have heard some rumours about the UK government thinking about starting a scheme to subsidise house prices. However, we know that the problem is not with property as such but with the banks in that they have no real gauge on the underlying value of assets of these dodgy loans […]

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Many Options That Each Provide Many Advantages

By Gary K Landry One aspect to choosing 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange is that you will confront numerous options from which to make up your mind and yet be sure that whichever option you choose it will help make you a considerable amount of money such as saving on paying capital gains tax at the […]

County Property Taxes Their 6 Uses

By Abhishek Agarwal County property taxes are often the highest among the taxes and that we surely dislike paying. This bill gives you good shock at times. This is because these taxes are indeed soaring high these days. However, they greatly vary as per the area you reside in and the state you live in. […]

Understanding the TIC Closing Risk

By Gary K Landry A TIC investment is an investment that allows the average owner of appreciated real estate to sell their property to a third property and exchange into an undivided interest in an institutional quality asset. TIC investment replacement properties enable the average investor to participate prominently in the real estate market and […]

Florida Voters Approve Save Our Homes and Vote Yes on Homestead Exemption Now What For Property Tax?

By Paul F Davis What does the newly passed Save Our Homes Amendment 1 mean to Florida homeowners? The multi-million dollar battle over the Save Our Homes amendment was a victory for democracy and political activism. Popular Republican Governor Charlie Crist, along with legislative and business leaders, rallied against some of Florida’s most powerful unions […]

The Secrets of IRS 1031

By Jordan McPelt The 1031 tax-deferred exchanges that occur for fractional ownership interests, or tenancy in common interests, have a complicated name, but are in fact much simpler than you may think. Earlier this year, the 1031 Revenues Procedures addressed the topic of tenancy in common interest as replacement property in 1031 tax deferred exchanges. […]

Why Would a Real Estate Investor Be Helpful in a Property Tax Appeal?

By Stacey Tan Property tax appeals are successful on the basis of an adjustment of the tax value of the property in question. If this property is a commercial property or an owner of the house homesteaded, there is a basis for setting its value based on the status of the property and other relevant […]

Paying South Carolina Property Taxes Vital Tips For Taxpayers

By Abhishek Agarwal Cities in South Carolina charge property taxes at the local level, which depend on public budgets. Public schools, police, fire support and public libraries are a few among the many which run as a result of property taxes in South Carolina. The variation in the tax rates in various localities is very […]

Property Tax Relief The Government Does Care

By Rick Goldfeller Paying taxes wasn’t always this bad – there was a time when not every single manufactured good had tax piled on its price. But what the heck, there isn’t much we can do about it, rallying on the streets while waving placards with certain official’s names on it doesn’t change much anyway. […]