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IRS Tax Relief News Tax Case Convictions on the Rise For Americans With IRS Problems

By Michael Rozbruch With IRS enforcement on the rise – more people than ever will need expert and qualified IRS tax relief. If you’ve put yourself in a situation for which you could be prosecuted on tax charges, there’s something you should know: Your chances of convictions are high. There are not many situations scarier […]

IRS Wage Garnishment Definition and Process For This Type of Tax Levy

By Matt W. Robinson When it comes to the details of IRS wage garnishment you should learn as much as you can – especially if you are being subjected to this. You should have a good understanding of what is happening to your wages, and why the IRS is garnishing them. Simply put, when you […]

Tax Preparer How an Overseas Filer Beat the Odds of Filing Expat Taxes

By Black Jack The day I left my suburban life in Kansas City and decided to spend the next 30 months in Rio de Janeiro is something that I don’t regret. I was carefree and loved having left behind my American ways and embracing their exciting culture. Little did I know that I still had […]

How Do I Get Federal Tax Relief?

By Matt Murren You may be like millions of Americans who are losing sleep over your IRS tax debt. You are probably looking for some kind of federal tax relief just to get you through these difficult economic times. Tax problems can be handled professionally by many tax lawyers and consultants who specialize in helping […]

Do You Need to Pay All That Tax? Use These Salary Packaging and Novate Lease Ideas

By John E Edwards A legitimate tax effective management program for higher earners. Structure your salary for effective tax reduction using novated leases. Salary packaging is not magic. Where an employee suddenly avoids paying tax and has an expensive vehicle payment or payment of goods taken away from their responsibility and paid by someone else. […]

Resolve IRS Tax Debt Quickly!

By Loraine Vanwyck IRS Tax Debt Relief As the name suggests, this is a type of tax debt reduction solution that enables those who are heavily burdened by tax debts to clear their debts through various means. A word of caution though- You might have been influenced by many advertisements proclaiming that getting tax debt […]

IRS Debt Your Most Important Debt

By Richard Close Make it Stop! You never asked for an IRS tax debt; in fact, you want to do everything you can to get rid of it. You’ve gotten letters, phone calls, and they’ve even sent an IRS-Hitman to your house! There’s no way you can afford to pay the debt, but they’re just […]

IRS Tax Debt Common Tax Problems and Their Solutions Keep Your Head Above Water

By Richard Close It’s Your Turn: Most people experience a problem with the IRS at least once in their lives. Think about it, the IRS is the biggest collections agency in the world. It touches everyone you know. So make sure you know some common Tax Problems people experience. That way, you can stay one […]

Tax Planning

By Michael Novik There are many ways to start planning for your taxes. The goal of tax planning is to have all of your financial affairs in order so you can reduce the amount of taxes that you have to pay on them. One of the most common ways to take tax planning to the […]

IRS Tax Debt IRS Hardship Status Explained, Get the Relief You Need Today!

By Richard Close Flat Broke: You’d pay the IRS, if only you could. If you’re in this boat, you’re not alone. Many people are in a situation where they can’t pay their taxes. Maybe they’ve been out of work, maybe a loved one has been sick, or maybe there has been some other emergency. There’s […]