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Chocolate For Chocolate Fountains The Experts Choice

By Corinne Ellison What is a chocolate fountain? Fondue fountains are used for several reasons; as a fun way to create chocolate fondue at home, as an addition to a party or special occasion or to create the ultimate wow factor at a wedding. How do they work? Chocolate is added to a fountain and […]

Dark Chocolate A Healthier Alternative to Dairy Chocolate

By Roland Poitevin For several years, it was commonly felt that chocolate eating was bad for health. Dieticians strongly advised their patients to get rid of their fetish for chocolates to prevent tooth decay and other health problems. In addition, it has been found that eating chocolates increases the calorie count considerably. In spite of […]

Chocolate Will Improve My Health?

By Florencia Deffis Yes it can, chocolate, well, dark chocolate (70% cacao) is actually the ultimate antioxidant. So, how does eating dark chocolate improve your health? It does because you know antioxidants help our bodies fight free radicals and the way this works is like this: Free radicals are atoms with a missing electron. When […]

Making Chocolate Truffles Learn 3 Delicious Chocolate Truffles Recipes

By Lucille Green Making delicious chocolate truffles is easy and exciting. White chocolate truffles, hazelnut or almond truffles and grand marnier truffles are 3 chocolate truffles recipes that are easy to prepare. Below are the recipes for you to try at home: 1. White Chocolate Truffles Ingredients: – 1/4 C butter – 1/2 C confectioner’s […]

Using Chocolate As a Cooking Ingredient

By Chris Alleny Using chocolate as an ingredient is a great way to add richness and bite to your cooking or baking. Chocolate is America’s favorite flavor. How can you go wrong with chocolate-flavored desserts and pastries? Cooking and baking with chocolate can be made simple, following a few general guidelines for handling chocolate. Storing […]

Ultimate Hot Cocoa Recipe Healthy, Rich, and Creamy Warm Chocolate Delight

By Rebecca Coleman Take a moment for you in this busy season. Treat yourself to my magic delight. It is perfect to warm you up from the winter cold. A great break from the hustle and bustle. Pause and relax into this chocolate heaven. This is the richest hot coca recipe I’ve ever tasted. Plus, […]

Chocolate We Love

By Lloyd Gordon Chocolate is one of the few gifts with which the giver can envisage, with some surety, the sensation that the receiver will experience when they consume it. It is a universal language that chocolate lovers the world over speak and understand. Its very presence makes people smile, eyes glow and hearts beat […]