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Cooking Home Made Meals

By Andrew M. Miller The popular perception is that there’s a steep learning curve involved in the advanced cooking techniques required for creating delicious meals. While there’s always room for improvement, most people should be able to reach the point of cooking delicious gourmet meals in a relatively short amount of time. Here are some […]

Weight Loss and Microwave Cooking

By Richard McIntyre Weight loss is one of the hottest topics today, and anyone who is even mildly overweight, is worried sick about it and is willing to go to all lengths to shed the extra pounds. There are millions of overweight people, but hardly anyone would say that they are happy as they are, […]

Cooking and Using Eggs in Your Kitchen

By Marissa Alderwood Making scrambled eggs is often the first thing people learn to make in the kitchen. It is fairly basic and simple with a hot pan, oil and raw eggs. There are many other different ways to make eggs however. They are a great food to have on hand because they last in […]

So Many BBQ Grills Which Type is Best For You?

By MJ Marks There are a lot of different BBQ grills on the market today, different sizes and styles. Sometimes choosing the best one for you is more confusing than it should be, after all, it is just a BBQ. At one time that meant a basic, round BBQ that you used with briquets. But […]

Using Alcohol (Wine and Others) To Cook

By Daniel Munteanu Perhaps you are sick of cooking your steak the same way and serving it with the same condiments or sides. Maybe you would like to add a little bit more flavour. Well, wine and other alcoholic drinks are great to pair with your food. And it’s not just about serving alcohol as […]

Benefits of Eating Foods Raw

By Audrey Hosten Everyone has experienced going on a long road trip and stopping at a fast food restaurant. The smells of fried chicken, French fries, and hamburgers waft through the air. One could hardly wait to get his share of a juicy chicken leg or hot fries. But how nutritious or healthy is this […]

Sourdough Breadmaking Guide

By Pat P. Wedel Sourdough breadmaking preparation begins about eighteen hours AHEAD of the baking process. You will not be required to remain with the food prep throughout the process. Instead, you’ll need to remind yourself to plan a few opportunities within your day to offer the some attention to the dough. This post will […]

Cooking Tips TVs Top Chef Reveals Best Cookware Set

By Sherry Longmore Millions of us each day tune in to see our favorite top chef on television whip up anything from a lavish holiday spread to everyday family meals. And if you have learned one thing from them; you know having a quality cookware set is essential in your preparation. Normally, cookware collections are […]

Digital Thermometers

By Arjun Collier A digital meat thermometer will take the guesswork out of cooking meat, poultry, seafood, egg dishes and casseroles. You will be pleased that your foods will be done to perfection – no more dry meats or undercooked chicken. Your meals will delight your family and friends and make life in the kitchen […]

Cooking Terminology 10 Useful Definitions

By Julie DeHart You will find these cooking techniques in many recipes, and hopefully with these simple definitions, you will expand your cooking repertoire. 1. al dente: This is a term used to describe the “doneness” of pasta. Pasta should be cooked “al dente” which is firm to the bite. Taste the pasta as it […]