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The Easiest Venison Pot Roast Recipes

By Susan L Rose I have the most wonderful childhood memories of my grandmother cooking roast. The smell that wafted through the house was synonymous with comfort and love. Every time I make a venison pot roast, I think of my grandmother and Sunday dinner at her house. The most amazing thing is that as […]

Pulled Pork Barbecue Meat

By Mary Ann Allen Pulled barbecue pork is very popular in our household! I love making it because everyone seems to like it! This recipe is very, very easy but it does require some time as the secret for a perfectly tender pork is to let it cook very, very slowly. If you do not […]

Slow and Low is the Way to Go With a Slow Cooker

By Fran Sloan Are you one of those cooks that have learned tender meat is beyond your realm of understanding? Can’t seem to get perfect gravy? Do you find yourself turning green with envy when you savor meals at the homes of others while yours seem to lay like lumps on the serving platter? Then […]

Roast Beef Sachuan Style

By Andrew Routledge So, what do you do with those left over Sunday roasts? Most of us serve it up in sandwiches just as people have been doing for the last two or three centuries. Don’t you think that the time has come to introduce a bit of a change in the way we look […]

Even Recipe For Pulled Pork Can Be Quick Easy Dinner Recipes

By Roy Maloney My wife is an excellent cook with my favorite meals she prepares being her prime rib and lasagna, with the newest dish being this her recipe for pulled pork and is just one of many quick easy dinner recipes she has added. Since my son started college we discovered the expensive for […]

Crock Pot Cooking 7 Tips To Make Delicious Food

By Abhishek Agarwal In our fast lives today, almost nobody has the time to cook on slow cookers. Yet, at times these traditional methods of cooking are great fun and a real good change from the daily chores. Often known as the dust collector, these can be one among the most useful items of our […]

3 Ingredient Crockpot Recipes

By Kara Kelso Need to throw together a meal, but don’t have much in the house? Here’s a few recipes which require only 3 ingredients or less! Be sure to see our website for more crockpot recipes. BARBECUE PORK SANDWICHES 1 pork roast 1 bottle bar-b-cue sauce About 1/2 to 1 cup water Just throw […]

Mexican Casserole Recipe Easy Mexican Casserole

By Brandy Summers You can spice up this recipe a little more by adding taco seasoning to the ground beef before you cook it. 1 pound lean ground beef 2 cups salsa 1 (16 oz.) can chile beans, drained 3 cups tortilla chips, crushed 2 cups sour cream 1 (2 oz.) can sliced black olives, […]