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The Heartiest of Easy French Recipes Beef Casserole With French Bread Dumplings

By J P Martin Beef recipes are claimed by many countries as signature dishes; beef Stroganoff, beef goulash, beef bourginon etc. This is a variation of the latter and these easy French recipes are, in my opinion, the tastiest of all. Ingredients 24oz/700g lean topside or rump steak 2 large onions 12oz/350g carrots 1oz/25g plain […]

Which Steak Marinades Add the Most Flavor to Steaks?

By Brian Garvin The world of marinades and rubs can be pretty confusing to the novice cook. Some say that steak marinades are a must, while others recommend just salting your steak and tossing it on the grill. You’ll hear that marinades tenderize meat and that they toughen it, that some are better than others, […]

Why Beef Tenderloin Steaks Seem to Be Rising in Popularity

By Brian Garvin It wasn’t that long ago when it was difficult to get one’s hands on beef tenderloin steaks simply because of the price, but now that the price is dropping they are quickly rising in popularity and more people are able to enjoy the deliciousness of the filet mignon steaks. Some of the […]

How to Use Canned Tuna to Make Easy and Tasty Entrees For Your Family

By Linda Carol Wilson One of the ways to prepare quick, easy, economical and tasty family entrees is to use canned tuna. Here are some recipes using canned tuna that are sure to become family favorites. Tuna Pilaf with the rice, Oriental vegetables and soy sauce gives this dish an Asian flair. The Cheesy Tuna […]

Old Fashion Recipes For Mary Esthers Chicken Casserole

By Linda Carol Wilson If you have fond memories of walking into mom or grandma’s house to the scent of delicious food smells wafting in from the kitchen, chances are chicken was one of the dishes tantalizing you. Here is a great old recipe for Mary Esther’s Chicken Casserole. This is a great economical way […]

Super Bowl Chicken

By Ruth Graham Here’s a simple recipe for your winter super bowl dinner. The whole house fills with the fragrant spices and the chicken will be yummy. For 8 hungry people you need a six pound chicken. Mix the following: one half cup olive oil two teaspoons each of powdered garlic, ground coriander seed, and […]

Creative Lunch Ideas

By Shiloah Baker Are you caught in a peanut butter and jelly rut? It is amazing how that sandwich of yummy goo can stunt lunch-time creativity! Today I hope to inspire some creativity and help you reclaim your lunch time menu. French Bread This seemingly plain loaf of bread makes some delicious creations that are […]

Whats For Dinner? 30 Minute Menus For 2009 8th Edition

By Elizabeth Randall I am trying (really hard) not to get political here but… the economy is in tough shape right now and so is my budget! I have pulled together menus that will help with the budget and are healthy and hardy for this time of year. We have been having a mix of […]

French Bread Lasagna Recipe

By Linda Carol Wilson For a really different take on the Italian classic, Lasagna, try this unique recipe for French Bread Lasagna. Instead of lasagna noodles, this recipe calls for half-inch thick slices of French bread. Tell the kids you are having an international meal to really peak their interest. Explain that lasagna is usually […]

Shrimp and Grits Simple Food, Not Fast Food

By Rex Freiberger When you hear the words shrimp and grits, you naturally think of the Southern states that border the Gulf of Mexico: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. This is not a dish prepared often in Florida or Texas, since these states have developed different cuisines of their own. Texas is the oil and beef […]