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Arthritis and Magnet Therapy The Power of Pain Relief

By Jamie Alan Magnet therapy has been used as an all natural alternative pain relief method for thousands of years. Things like arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, lower back pain, and pain in your muscles and joints have all been treated with magnetic therapy and it has delivered overwhelming results. […]

Do Hair Loss Shampoos Do the Trick?

By S. Norris Shampoo ads have ruled almost all forms of media – print ads, TV commercials, and even radio gaps. But what’s causing a lot of buzz in the shampoo industry today is the emergence of shampoos that give claims of curing and even reversing hair loss. But with these products costing a whole […]

Top Home Made Remedies For Hair Loss

By John Socratous There are many ways to stop hair loss, including hair treatments and products. However, if budget-friendly and easy natural, homemade solutions give you better results that too within short time, then that is of course the best option! Being natural, they do not carry the harmful effects of chemical products. But first […]

Find Freedom From Alcoholism

By Hal Johnson Many people now a day, adult and teenager are having addiction problems in alcohol. Today a lot of young generations face this kind of problem. Through their curiosity, they try to experience this stuff until they are become addicted to alcohol. They are heavy drinker individual. The more they drink the more […]

Ignorance About the Food We Consume and Its Effects on Health and Weight Loss

By Nivedha Manoharan Food is not just for the body, but for both mind and body. Food is not just about the calories/protein content/daily values of minerals and vitamins. People often buy a pizza and look at the nutritional value behind the package, and become happy looking at the calories and protein. Food is not […]

3 Great Flat Stomach Workouts You Should Try Out

By George Mike It is not enough to lose the fat around your abdominal region. You also need to make sure the muscles around your stomach and every part of the body are toned and firmed. What I am trying to pass across to you is that rather than concentrate on flattening your tummy from […]

How to Prepare Your Body For Hitting the Beach

By Dane C. Fletcher If you still have a few months to go before summer, then you have ample time to tack in any evidence of the chicken roast you’ve been overindulging in. you don’t want to hit the beach and flaunt the beer belly you got when you went out with the boys a […]

Best Exercises to Lose Weight

By Marta Holden You would be forgiven if you thought that the best exercise to lose weight was running for hours on end. It is what is commonly thought amongst people, and it is a natural thought. Running does burn calories, energy that you need to lose in order to drop the weight, however there […]

What Results Can I Expect From the Flex Belt?

By Crystal Iris The flex belt is not a quick acting device, but you wouldn’t expect to get a six pack after a week of abdomens, right? It works great, especially if you use for around 40 minutes each day on at least two muscle groups. It will show results after a month of using […]

Tripling the Use of Working Out For Average Intermediate Joe

By William Smithson For very hardcore real-time workouts, people turn to strength and conditioning coaches who are the big names in the industry like Jason Ferruggia, for example. He’s known as one of the world’s foremost fitness experts and is trusted and reliable. Celebrities hire him; as do, more commendably fire fighters, police officers and […]