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Are Food Allergies Making You Fat?

By Heather Caruso I have been researching the many healthy ways that people can lose weight and keep it off. I have culminated this research as well my clinical experience into a new book called “Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss”. Food Sensitivities Did you know that you may actually enjoy a food […]

Gluten Wheat Why Some People Must Avoid It

By James M Novotny Gluten wheat is commonly used in a variety of food situations. It’s something that a lot of us don’t even notice, but it’s a big deal for people with gluten allergies. Ingesting this kind of wheat can actually upset the small intestines, resulting in weight loss, bad stools, fatigue, and ill […]

Allergy Natural Relief May Help Fight Cancer

By Philip Gegan Can an allergy be a sign of having a natural relief for cancer and other serious illnesses? According to a recently published study from Texas Tech University, it probably can. Dr Zuber Mulla, an epidemiologist at Texas Tech University, who led the study team, said, “More work is still needed, but the […]

Cold Or Sinus Infection?

By Marcus Wong Too many people are not able to distinguish between a common cold and a sinus infection. This is because some cold symptoms are very similar to those of sinusitis. The common cold is considered a viral upper respiratory tract infection. It is a mild illness that does not last long. Many different […]

What Tools Are Used For Sinus Irrigation?

By Jill S. Sinus irrigation is type of alternative treatment which is used by people with a large array of nasal problems. So anyone with allergies, nasal drips, rhinosinusitis and so on can benefit from the cleansing of their nasal passages with warm, salty water. Sinus irrigation is preferred by many people, doctors included, as […]

Common Cause of Household Allergies A Household Allergen Often Overlooked

By Devin Williams There are many substances in the household that can cause allergies in humans, including animal dander, insect parts, mold spores and pollen. The most common allergens found in the home, however, are from dust mites. These are tiny creatures related to ticks, chiggers, and spiders that live in close association with humans. […]

Allergy Testing What Are Your Choices and the Related Benefits?

By Jonathan Callinan Allergy intolerance testing can be used to establish the specific allergen at the root of your condition. There are a handful of allergy tests available performed by medical Doctors as well as holistic practitioners such as Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Homeopaths and Kinesiologists. Testing aims to identify the presence of the IgE antibody […]

Freedom From Allergies With Mother Natures Touch PSC Plant Stem Cells

By Marie Gabrielle Laguna Allergies can be very bothersome to most of us. The symptoms, ranging from itchy, red, swollen rashes all over the body; a runny nose; sneezing, wheezing and coughing-continue to torment us every now and then every time we face the culprits of our suffering: allergens in our atmosphere. However, allergies are […]

Allergic Reactions

By Rico Kurniawan Most people have or might have some problem with allergies or allergic reactions at some point in their lives. Allergic reactions are sensitivities to substances, called allergens that are contacted through the skin, inhaled into the lungs, swallowed. They can vary from mild and annoying to sudden and life-threatening. Some allergic reactions […]

Allergies Testing Why You Must Find the Right Allergy Doctor

By Logan Moran If allergies are making your life miserable then you need to work with a professional to determine the cause of your symptoms and to work with you to treat them. Allergies testing must be carried out by a specialist doctor to ensure you receive the treatment that is right for you and […]