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Do Old People Really Need Asthma Breathing Exercises?

By Eddy Wai KK It is a given fact that asthma is a disease that afflicts million of people worldwide. It is also a well known fact that it is a very indiscriminate ailment, affecting people across different age groups, making age a considerable factor in treating the condition. This is why a lot of […]

The History of Buteyko Breathing Techniques

By Rothman Perreras The Buteyko breathing technique is probably one of the most notable exercises of normally addressing asthma attacks, anxiety, panic attacks, hyperventilation and other cardio vascular illnesses. It can be also used to calm a person down. This article will show you the history of the Buteyko breathing technique. In the past, the […]

4 Ways to Get Rid of Asthma Causing Dust Mites

By Suzie Sanchez Dust mites are perennial triggers of asthma. They are so small that you won’t even know they exist in the crevices of your mattresses and pillows. If your asthma attack is so frequent that you end up wheezing in the middle of your sleep, then it is time for you to know […]

Understanding Triggers and Removing Them is the Best Way to Treat Asthma

By Scott A Ingram Some people have trouble breathing and so cannot get enough air into their lungs, especially when it is most needed and such a condition is known as asthma which is really a lung disease. By nature it is chronic and it is believed that as many as twenty-five million people in […]

Do You Think You Might Have Asthma?

By Robert Storm My parents found out when I was three months old that I had asthma. There are lots of reasons why you can get asthma. Too many to list here, but I will say that if your mother smoked while she was pregnant with you then your chances of having asthma is 50% […]

Can You Catch Asthma From Another Person?

By Robert Storm I remember growing up, I was sick a lot with my allergies and asthma. I would have kids that would ask me if they could catch what I had. As if I had chickenpox or something! When all I really had was allergies and asthma. That made me really sad and I […]

The Blockbuster Asthma Drug

By Andy Kahn Singulair is used to treat asthma in both adults and in kids as young as 12 months. This medicine is also used to improve indoor and outdoor allergies in adult and kids. Plus, it may be used to prevent exercise-induced asthma (EIA) in people age 15 years and older. How It Works: […]

Asthma Management Quick Tips to Follow

By Gerd Van Hass Asthma management is as important as taking medication for this chronic disease that involves the inflammation of the air passageways. Although inhalers are crucial in reducing the tightening of the muscles in the bronchial areas and minimizing symptoms of asthma, they are not really helpful in preventing further attacks. It is […]

How to Protect Your Child With Asthma During Sports Activities

By Michael Derad We all want to protect our children, to keep them out of harm’s way but the truth of the matter is once your child’s asthma is under control then they should be encouraged to take up sports. The benefits of a child with asthma participating in sporting activities are numerous:   1. […]

Homeopathy For Nasty Asthma Spells

By Shreya Deshpande The asthma is a disease that disables the sufferer more than what we think. It is no doubt a disorder which due to its nasty symptoms like breathlessness and cough makes the patient restless and the patient gasps for breath. The conventional medicine doctors try to suppress the bouts of asthma with […]