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Autism Circles of Support Professional Vs Non Paid

By Mylinda Elliott Circles of Support for people with Autism are a useful tool. Unfortunately if you look at the Circle of Support for a typical person compared to a circle for a person with a disability you will discover a huge difference. Typical people have Circles full of friends and acquaintances. Those friends may […]

How to Triumph Over Autism

By Elliott Snow A disease like autism can be devastating to everyone involved, especially for the families and loved ones of the sufferer. Realizing that your child or sibling will never really be your friend or appreciate the feelings that you appropriate to them, that they may never make friends with other people outside or […]

Autism History and Research Efforts

By Elliott Snow For a long time, not a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists even knew that there was a disease like autism. They attributed the various autism symptoms that they came across from time to time to a variety of other psychological or intellectual ailments and warning signs on their own. However, after Leo […]

Biomedical Autism Intervention Low Cholesterol, Low Cholesterol Treatment

By Dr. Kurt Woeller Many children with Autism suffer from cholesterol levels that are too low, but there is an effective therapy to help. The focus for years in the medical community has been on high cholesterol. High cholesterol increases our risk factors for things like heart disease and stroke and yet low cholesterol also […]

Treatment of Autism The Important Roles of Vitamins and Minerals in Effectively Treating Autism

By Elliott Snow Autism is a disorder that affects the individual’s communicative and language ability. This disease often affects children before their third birthdays. The exact cause of the disorder is yet to be proven by medical science. Autism makes the autistic patient to speak incoherently and continuously display behaviors that are inimical to common […]

Types of Autism and Associated Symptoms That a Lot of People Dont Know Of

By Elliott Snow The term or condition known as autism can be regarded as a generic term, considering the fact that there are several types of autism, so much that they are classified under the term autism spectrum disorder. This article looks closely at some of the autism types that might interest you. PDD-NOS: suffers […]

Autism Toddler Checklist 35 Behaviors Every Parent Should Look For in Their Child

By Scott R. Boyd This autism toddler checklist is a quick review of behaviors that parents can watch for in their children. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the development of toddlers and there is no cure, however, it is possible to reduce the symptoms. Treatments are more effective the earlier they are administered. […]

What Are the Sypmtoms of Aspergers Disease?

By Margaret H. Amanda First and foremost, let us establish what Asperger’s disease really is and in the circles of child psychology, the condition known as Asperger’s disease is actually part of the autism spectrum disorder. It is named really after the same Austrian paediatrician who recognised a different set of symptoms and behaviours totally […]

Autism A Cure For Many Awaits

By Terence Mix It has been estimated that there are three cases of autism for every 1,000 children born, and as many as 5 to 8 per 1,000 with some variation of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That’s up to one out of every 125 children afflicted with some degree of this somewhat perplexing and disabling […]

How Effective is Chelation Treatment For Autism

By Zachery B Estrada There is more options available for autism treatments nowadays due to progress in biomedical research. One of them worth mentioning is the combined treatment using chelation and GFCF (that is gluten-free, casein-free diet) to treat autism. This is because in most of the autistic kids that is observed, there is a […]