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Basic Benefits of Physical Education to Our Children

By Greg A Brown Today more than ever we are all very busy with the day to day tasks of our lives. We have so many things to do with our jobs and our families it is a miracle that we don’t all go crazy. And now this type of lifestyle is starting to effect […]

Childhood Obesity What to Do If You Have Fat Kids

By Tracie Ryan Do you have fat kids? Do you see your children suffering every day because they are overweight? One of the hardest obstacles many parents face is childhood obesity. When our kids get picked on at school because they are overweight, not only do they suffer but we, as caring and concerned parents […]

Why Are Young Kids Obese? 4 Things That Cause Obesity in Young Kids

By Thomas Skye Every ask yourself the question: “Just why are young kids obese?” Here are four things that cause obesity in young kids: 1) Not enough exercise: Children are meant to exercise in order to burn the calories that they consume during the day. Not exercising can lead to the calories building up to […]

Childhood Obesity in America The Growing Problem

By Tim Abarta It is known that childhood obesity has become a very large problem over the last few years in America, but did you know that over the past three decades, the childhood obesity rate has more than doubled for preschool children aged 2-5 years and adolescents aged 12-19 years? Did you know that […]

Dangers and Causes of Child Obesity

By Norm Pavelka Children can become obese because of either genetic or environmental reasons. Genetically they may be susceptible to gaining excess weight if there is a family history of being overweight and this can be one of the causes of child obesity. The environment in which they live will also have a bearing on […]

The Smartest, Simplest, and Cheapest Childhood Obesity Prevention Machine on Planet Earth

By Rick Osbourne The two most important factors in childhood obesity plague that’s haunting kids across our nation and others, are nutrition and exercise. But in a modern world that’s overflowing with Big Macs, curly fries, milk shakes, soda pop, candy bars, cookies, ice cream, and sugary cereals just to mention a few, how can […]

Childhood Obesity

By Marlene T. Buckler, M.D. One of the most disturbing things I see in the emergency room is obese children. Childhood obesity is becoming more and more prevalent in North America and we, as a society, are not doing a very good job of dealing with it. In fact many factors, especially market forces, are […]

Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers

By Ryan Sanders Thinning is beautifying for teenagers. A perfect body frame should come with a healthy thought. The intention is to give some weight loss tips. Weight loss tips agenda should surely have ‘walking’ in it, as it is an effective way to lose the unwanted fat. Pedometers can help in keeping a track […]

The Surefire Approach to Quick Weight Loss For Teenagers

By Walter Scheu In these days of quick fixes and surefire diets for quick weight loss allow me to share some common sense and quick fixes to teenage weight loss. This may not make you the most popular parent, but it will make your kids healthier.  Teenage obesity is fast becoming a growing menace (pun […]

Teach Your Child Good Eating Habits to Fight Obesity

By Nick Mutt Many children become obese at their early age. This is because of their poor eating habits. Parents must keep a close eye on what their child eats. This will help in eliminating foods that are not good for your child’s health. A careful selection of food is very important in order to […]