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Medial Collateral Ligament How it is Injured Knee Support As an Option

By Daniel P. Sims The Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) is a thick, strong, and wide band of tissues. It is in the inner part of the knee and runs down from the femur (thighbone) to the tibia (shinbone). There are three functions of the MCL: it stops the knee from extending too far inward, it […]

Pulmonary Emboli Would You Know What to Do If You Happen to Get One?

By Joe Macmillan I am not a doctor. Please understand this. What I am going to relate to you is simply what happened to me in a lay person’s own words. I may be a little off in the technical terms but this is how I now understand what nearly killed me. No doubt you […]

Treatments For Traumatic Brain Injury

By Joseph Devine For individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (or TBI), treatment begins the minute they are in the presence of a medical professional-usually either an EMT worker or an Emergency Room doctor. While little can be done to reverse any initial damage caused by the injury, medical professionals can work to […]

Do Not Resuscitate What Does it Mean?

By Brenda Williams A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is a written order from a doctor stating that resuscitation should not be attempted in cases of cardiac or respiratory arrest. In the absence of a valid DNR order, patients calling for ambulance service will receive the full scope of restorative interventions, including aggressive, life-saving resuscitation […]

When Diagnosed With an Illness Dont Be Anonymous

By Greg Katz Our voice is one of the most powerful sources of energy on the planet. It’s not only a means of communicating with others, but a way to leave your mark on the world. Your voice is one more unique quality you possess that differentiates you from every other person in the world. […]