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Natural Remedies For Depression

By Donna E King Being sad, frustrated and upset is a natural part of life. It is our way of dealing with setbacks, obstacles, and struggles. But what happens when you start experiencing these feelings everyday on an extreme level? Depression may be your problem. The good news is that there is treatment you can […]

Manic Depression Facts

By Naomi West Manic depression is a type of mental disorder that is commonly referred to as bipolar disorder. This can be recognized by the person’s high and low mood swings which can shift at anytime and for any reason. It can affect the person’s mood as well as their energy and how they function […]

The Symptoms and Causes of Childhood Depression

By Naomi West Depression is a rather serious mental condition that thousands of people in the world have to contend with. Many of us know what this is like and have suffered through it in our own way. Although it is serious to see someone going through this condition there is a way to help […]

Best Cure For Depression

By Robert D Hawkins Finding the best cure for depression often can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many choices, with so many different claims, that sometimes it is hard to separate truth from fiction. That said there seems to be one therapy that has a slight advantage over […]

Depression Help 3 Powerful Ways to Stop the Destructive Spiral

By Shevach Pepper If you or your loved one are suffering from depression, help is needed, it won’t go away by itself. On the contrary, depression brings on more depression which brings on even more depression.  The good news, though, is that there are some depression helps that can  break this vicious cycle. I present […]

Are You Depressed? How Lifestyle Changes and Herbal Alternative Medicine Can Help

By Elizabeth Kenyon If you have ever struggled with depression you know that it feels like it overshadows everything you do. Several years ago when I was battling depression, I knew this feeling well. In my situation, I could even feel it coming on. Fortunately, even the most severe forms of depression are treatable. With therapy, medications, lifestyle changes […]

Depression and Spirituality

By JV Vincent There are universal laws that govern our Universe. One particular law we can all draw association to is ” The Law Of Polarity.” – Good and Bad. Dark and Light. Inside and Outside. Is it possible what an individual experiences through bipolar to severe depression is really a gateway to advancing ones […]

How to Help With Depression

By Roseanna Leaton When suffering from depression, you feel that your hands are ties and that there is nothing much you can do about it. But there are certain mental skills which you can learn which will help you gain a feeling of control, and this is the first step in overcoming depression. In order […]

Herbal Remedies For Depression Fact Or Fiction?

By Robert William Locke Why do you think people stop taking anti-depressant medication like Elavin, Tofranil and Zoloft? No, not because they are cured but because they just got fed up with the side effects of these medicines. This type of treatment can go on for years. That numb or groggy feeling together with the […]

The Acai Berry Helped Relieve My Depression and Insomnia

By Kelsey Carson Hello to you fellow blog reader. My name is Kelsey and I want to share my experience with acai berry through depression. Before I ever used acai in my diet I found myself wallowing in my own little world. Depressed and very unmotivated my life was a day to day struggle. It […]