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The Blessings of Down Syndrome

By Lori Daniell A vast array of negative emotions and feelings are encountered by parents and family members when learning of a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Shock, denial and anger, blame and guilt, sadness and shame are experienced before acceptance. Many parents openly admit that their level of dismay was exacerbated by preconceived ideas of […]

Working With Kids With Special Needs

By Thomas B. Chuong Working with children with special needs takes a lot of understanding and patience. These children deserve the same opportunities in life to explore, learn and play alongside mainstream children. Integrating children with varying disabilities can be very challenging to say the least. Some children are violent, not able to communicate, and […]

Asperger Syndrome Explained Effective Ways To Deal With It

By Abhishek Agarwal Asperger Syndrome As A Milder Form Of Autism There is a difference between autism and Asperger Syndrome. Language is not affected in Asperger Syndrome, and since the symptoms are not obvious, it is difficult to pin down as a disorder. Also, it does not develop in early life, but seems to come […]

Diagnose Adult Dyslexia It is Not Too Late

By Gerry Restrivera Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by difficulty in reading, writing and spelling. This is not a mental illness or intelligence issue because many dyslexics are intelligent and successful in their chosen profession like music, art, engineering, etc. Some of the famous people who have the gift of dyslexia or traits related […]

Why Behavior Charts Dont Work

By Ray Levy The idea behind behavior charts is that they’ll improve compliance and motivation in every single child or student. Do they? Of course not. These charts have built-in problems. You know it. I know it. And that’s another reason teachers despise psychologists. Even though behavior charts don’t work, many counselors still recommend them. […]

Atypical Teaching Strategies Subconscious Joining and Mental Prompts For Autistic Learners

By Mary Ann Harrington This page is devoted to my personal opinions and strategies for developing communication skills with a subgroup of individuals – primarily with severe autism. Most are nonverbal, and demonstrate significant motor and sensory impairments. These strategies have also proven effective with those who have some verbal capability but who have difficulty […]

Early Signs of Autism

By S. Hartel Autism is a disorder most common in young children that can cause many mental development issues. According to experts, the rate of autism in children is on the rise with some experts estimating that five in every one thousand children have autism. Though much research has been done on the disease, it […]

How Do I Know If My Child Has Developmental Dyspraxia?

By Margaret H. Amanda One of the more common symptoms of dyspraxia in children is the development of sensory integration dysfunction, which is a condition which effects the body’s natural reaction to stimuli. This affects their five senses, which means the sense of touch, their sight, their smell etc. The condition makes children, especially of […]

My Child Has Cerebral Palsy What Do I Do Now?

By Mandy Buchanan Has your child just been diagnosed with cerebral palsy? This can be frightening if you are not familiar with what it means and what you can expect. We trust that this article helps you to understand the diagnosis and feel more in control. Understanding Cerebral Palsy – What Is It and What […]

When Your Child Has Autism

By Alice Lane When you hear the word autism, what is your initial reaction? Do you have an immediate and personal awareness of what the disorder is? Or are you like many of us who really don’t have any idea what that da vinci robot is, not to mention what autism is? Whatever your reaction […]