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Can the Law of Attraction Change Your Eating Habits?

By Janet Grace Ortigas Eating disorders involve unhealthy eating patterns that can lead to health problems. There is no quick fix but if you learn a healthier approach to food, and with the right guidance and commitment you can replace old habits by healthier behaviors. If you visualize and think healthy thoughts you will heal […]

What to Do When an Eating Disorder Causes You to Fight With Your Child

By Emile Jarreau If you suspect or know that your teen is suffering from an eating disorder, you are probably doing everything in your power to help him or her. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your child is not interested in your help, and could actually lash out at you for offering your advice or ordering […]

Overcome Emotional Eating

By Dianne Maurer Why do we eat? Well common sense tells us that we need to eat to nurture our bodies, we need to eat to satisfy physical hunger. In practice however, our behavior around food is far from this ideal. Currently it is estimated that globally there are more that 1 billion overweight adults […]

Anorexia The Lies the Eating Disorder Tells Your Daughter

By Lynn A Moore One of the things you have to get a hold of if your daughter has an eating disorder, is her thoughts are not really her own. There is something that happens in a girls mind when she starts eating less and the level of nutrition decreases. She starts hearing and believing […]

The Start of Eating Disorders

By Emile Jarreau The start of eating disorders really comes from a variety of factors. While the skinny models of the 1990s are perhaps the origin of a new era of self-conscious, thin-is-in youth, that is not the whole picture. If the public as a whole didn’t adopt the idea of thin as ideal beauty, […]

Two Main Causes of Eating Disorders

By Emile Jarreau The two main causes of eating disorders are fashion and culture. In other words, without fashion or culture, the pressure to be thin would not be so pervasive in modern society. For many years, fashion models have been as thin as possible, and people who weren’t underweight (by health standards) were considered […]

7 Signs That Michael Jackson Had an Eating Disorder

By Irina Webster Michael Jackson has died and there are speculations about the cause of his death. Stress, drug problems, weak lungs and heart and extremely low body weight are all implicated. Numerous rumours suggest that at the time of his death Michael weighted slightly over 100 pounds. Taking into consideration his height 5′.10″ his […]

Anorexia and Treatment The Symptoms and Actions to Take

By Mark Bridges In general, anorexia is an eating disorder where people voluntarily limit their food intake in order to lose weight while starving their bodies in the process. People that suffer from this eating disorder are usually around the beginning of their puberty, and most of these people are women. Anorexic is the term […]

How Can I Stop Overeating?

By Peter Harris Overeating has become a bad habit in our society and an obsession with some people. There are many reasons why people overeat and unfortunately the solutions to the problem are not that easy to implement for some. The question of how can I stop overeating can be answered logically but there are […]

Dont Allow Stress to Make You Fat

By Paul Menzie The 21st Century is a stressful time. How often, the moment you reach the safety of your home after a particularly bad day in school, at the office or even your commute home, do you open the refrigerator door to grab a stress relieving snack? More often than not. this comfort food […]