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Stop Smoking Recorded Treatment Tale

By Suzanne Zacharia I use EFT as my main method of helping ex-smokers-to-be kick the habit. EFT stands for emotional Freedom Techniques. In the hope of attracting more clients to seek treatment with this wonderful method, I set about a new experiment in marketing, with surprising results. To start, let me tell you a bit […]

Forgiving Yourself EFT For Self Forgiveness

By Patricia Burns Forgiveness can be a contentious topic. When someone has wronged you, and you’re carrying a lot of hurt and anger at that person, others around you will tell you that you need to forgive. Forgiveness means different things to different people To some, forgiving means absolving someone of guilt for something they […]

Controlling Anxiety and Panic Attacks With EFT Tapping

By Sherri Stockman The first step in preventing anxiety and panic attacks is learning how to control them once they’ve begun. One of the nasty facts about anxiety attacks is that you can become even more anxious and panicked just realizing that it’s happening to you again. This sets up an ever-increasing cycle of distress. […]

How EFT Helped Me Find My Spirituality

By Graeme Errington EFT for Spirituality… I never thought of myself as spiritual or religious and always wondered how I would be able to tackle the subject for people wanting to discover more about life and indeed the afterlife. When I discovered EFT I didn’t understand the path it would take me on. I was […]

EFT Do You Know What Questions to Ask an EFT Practitioner? And What to Look For in Their Answers?

By Teresa Bolen Okamoto We all know it’s a good idea to speak with an EFT practitioner and ask questions to find out if the practitioner is a good match to us before we agree to work with them, but when you’re actually speaking with the practitioner and s/he is firing questions away at you, […]

Deserving Wellness

By Annabel Fisher When I was severely ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), the one constant factor in my somewhat restricted life was the unequivocal support I was given by my parents and my husband. If I hadn’t received their love and encouragement on a daily basis, I know the journey would have been far […]