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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

By David Cassell Whole house reverse osmosis systems, once rarities, are becoming more and more common in American homes as their reputations continue to grow. For sure, it’s one of the few-if not the only-water purification systems that can take care of drinking water containing high levels of sodium or high levels of dissolved solids. […]

A Whole House Water Filter Softener

By David Cassell Many options exist for those searching for a whole house water filter softener. Lots of advances in designs including reverse osmosis and carbon filtering have made it possible to soften your water without using salts or minerals that can give your water a slimy or slippery feel. Whole house water filter softeners […]

Whole House Water Filters

By David Cassell Many water purification systems are available to take the cleanliness and purity of your home drinking supply beyond the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Some people use water purification systems for their drinking water alone, but whole house water filters are available as well to provide clean water to your […]

Drinking Water Treatment Systems Who Needs One? As Things Are, Everyone

By William Lumsden Drinking water treatment systems are directly linked to the standard of health enjoyed by communities and individuals within them. According to the world health organization (WHO) at any given time half the worlds hospital beds are occupied because water borne diseases have made people ill. London-based WaterAid listed Afghanistan, Chad, Eritrea, Burkina […]

Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems The Hidden Dangers Revealed

By Raymond Hamilton With our contaminated supplies today, it’s vital to get the right home filtration system to ensure you are fully protected and residential reverse osmosis systems just aren’t up to the job. Here’s why. To start with they are based on very old technology where their primary purpose was to supply demineralized water […]

How to Compare Water Filters Effectively

By Christian Carlsson When you are buying something, you want to be absolutely sure that you are taking a sound decision and not investing in something that is going to breakdown in the long run. One of the parameters that you ought to look out for is that whether or not you are getting the […]

Organic Air Fresheners

By Debbie Gez We all know how important the sense of smell is to us every day. It tells us a lot of different things, from what food we’ll be eating and if it will taste good, or what season it is based on the smell of flowers. Smell is also essential for our emotional […]

How a Water Filter Comparison Should Be Done Discover the Best Water Purification System

By Christian Carlsson There are many different aspects that you can compare water filtration systems with. Depending on what parameter matters the most for you, you can choose the right kind of water purifiers and enjoy the benefits of pure water. One of the main parameters for water filter comparison is the cost per gallon […]

A Complete Guide to Pure Water Filters

By Christian Carlsson When one wants to invest in water filters, they always want to go in for a good, if not the best model in the market. Thus, you would obviously want to invest in pure water filters┬áthat can produce good and clean water in a matter of minutes. Without clean water, you might […]

Water Related Diseases and Other Diseases That Effects Our World

By Alex Tekan Water and global health. Water is very important natural resource for life, yet it is destroyed by pollution and overuse. Dr. Richard Helmer reported, “Every year around 3.4 million people die from water-related diseases”. Many of these water related diseases could be prevented by making the drinking water safe and good sanitation. […]