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Zero Gravity Chair

By KL Schellack Are you wondering what a Zero Gravity Chair is? Obviously, it’s some kind of chair, right. But, where did the name Zero Gravity Chair come from? Well the concept of “Zero Gravity” is taken from our Astronaut’s lingo. It means being in the state of zero gravity which is being in a […]

Are Ergonomic Chairs Necessary Or is it a Big Scam?

By Alana Tanner Here’s an interesting thought, do you really need that ergonomic chair or would a regular old folding chair be just as good? Is the home office market that caters to this aspect of design just blowing us full of smoke? Let’s examine the evidence. I remember being shocked that a good office […]

Ergonomic Furniture

By Sharon Stage Ergonomic Furniture Can Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy Few things provide more comfort during a long hard day at work than comfortable office furniture, so why don’t more companies pay attention to the ergonomics of their office furniture? The everyday pressures of meeting deadlines and reaching company quotas, as well as […]