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Advances to Colored Contacts Make it Possible For Anyone to Adorn Them

By Cody Scholberg When shopping for a pair of colored contacts to adorn, an important part that goes along with engaging in this sort of shopping is researching the options that are available to you. Not only are the options vast, but these particular colored lenses have seen a dramatic change over the past 25 […]

How to Maintain the Health of Our Eyes?

By Cliff Krause Our eyes are vulnerable to some diseases as we age. When we are over forty, we may suffer from presbyopia; when we are over fifty, we may suffer from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which can always lead to irreversible blindness. Here we are going to introduce something about AMD and some methods […]

Black Contact Lenses and Purple Eye Contacts Are Fun to Wear

By Cody Scholberg In the past, most people were aware of contacts only for people who had vision problems. If you did not have any vision problems, there was no reason for you to wear contact lenses. Of course, if you wear glasses, you had an option to wear contacts. Some people chose to wear […]

Buying Cheap Eyeglasses Online

By Yan Susanto Anyone can fall victim to eye problems sooner or later. No one seems immune to this problem however healthy your lifestyle is. The most common age group that normally needs prescribed eyeglasses are those reaching 40 and above. If you are one of them, is it time for a pair of glasses? […]

Cataracts The Symptoms and Common Causes

By Gregg Rio Cataracts are a common ailment among the elderly. Did you know that certain jobs can raise your chances of getting cataracts at an earlier age? Several diseases and medications can increase your chances of developing cataracts as well. In this article we will explore the signs and symptoms of cataracts as well […]

The Evolution of LASIK Treatments

By Ryan Frank Lasik eye surgery is incredibly popular today, but just a few decades ago it was a revolutionary innovation in the field of ophthalmology. Lasik is actually an acronym that stands for “laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis”, and it was made possible first and foremost by the invention of the microkeratome in the 1950s […]

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

By Ron Blutter Computer vision syndrome is a serious problem for the millions of people. Due to long hours on the computers, large percent of computer users (by some research between 60 % and 90%) are prone to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). It usually develops after more than 2 hours of work on the computer […]

Tackle Computer Vision Syndrome With the Right Eyeglasses

By Suzanne Hughes By now, many people know what a pain sitting in front of the computer for long stretches of time can be. Computers can cause Computer Vision syndrome which can lead to all sorts of problem like, loss of productivity and focus, headaches, pains in the neck and shoulder region, hazy vision, fatigue, […]

Eyesight Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight

By Dennis Kohl Imagine being able to see everything clearing without wearing glasses. It’s possible. You don’t need contact lenses to be able to see clearly. No matter what your eye power is, you can improve it with a few eyesight exercises and some lifestyle changes. Lifestyle Changes to improve your eyesight: Your Diet – […]

Improve Your Eyes at Home Follow a Few Expert Tips

By Hunter Elliott Blurry vision is something that many people suffer from. It can determine what kinds of sports you can play or even what kind of job you can have. If you sick and tired of letting your vision problems control your life then you need to keep reading. Because there are things that […]