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What Results Can I Expect From the Flex Belt?

By Crystal Iris The flex belt is not a quick acting device, but you wouldn’t expect to get a six pack after a week of abdomens, right? It works great, especially if you use for around 40 minutes each day on at least two muscle groups. It will show results after a month of using […]

A Write Up on the Cybex Arc Trainer Home Gym 360A

By Arlene Tracey Cybex Arc Trainer is famous for the level of workout experience they can offer with their equipment. Great for individuals who are always on the move, it blends in the capabilities of numerous exercise equipments in only one machine, therefore you could reward yourself a good exercise within the least time possible. […]

4 Great Fitness Accessories For Less Than $100

By Sarah Gorry So, here are four great fitness accessories that will not break the bank. 1. A Sports Mat This is a very popular item. They are also called stretching mats and not terribly expensive ranging from $7 to $40. They are great for doing your warm-up and stretching exercises. They are also used […]

Trampoline Routines For Keeping Fit!

By Victoria Mistral Trampolines are used mainly for recreational and competitive purposes. It consists of a strong fabric stretched over a steel frame with the use of coiled springs. Fabrics that are used are commonly known as bounce mat. Trampolines are elastic but it is not the stretched fabrics that made it elastic. It is […]

Using a Pedometer to Increase Fitness Levels

By Gary Baugh A pedometer is a small digital contraption that counts the number you take when walking. Pedometers can serve as great motivators in helping to improve your fitness and health. Research has shown that individuals who use pedometers regularly increase their activity levels by as much as 25%. What type of pedometer should […]

Fitnex T60 Treadmill A Feature Rich Fitness Equipment With Life Time Warranty

By Jerry Stevens Fitnex T60 Treadmill is a competitive fitness equipment with rich features at an affordable price. The company has a strong reputation in the fitness industry because it manufactures and markets several fitness equipments with impressive warranty terms. The company treadmills compete with other reputed brands in terms of features and specifications. Fitnex […]

Consumer Reports Treadmills Save Time and Money With Consumer Reports Treadmills

By Neil Teasdale Consumer reports treadmills can save you money and take away the potential headache associated with buying the right treadmill for you and you family. Understanding what issues and benefits are found by other treadmill buyers can answer the important questions that you may have when in the market to buy. A little […]

Proform Elliptical Trainer Review

By Jay Jayesh Patel While there are numerous makes and models of home gym ellipticals, Proform elliptical trainers rank above the rest. I did a a lot of searching and it uncovered that thses machines have been in this industry since it started. Also, they are a smart cost-effective selections that families can make to […]

Recumbent Exercise Bikes Healthy, Safe and Smart

By Ken Gestewitz While watching TV, you are sure at one time or another to have seen a commercial that advertises the best equipment and the easiest way to get in shape. If getting in shape, having better health and stamina is your goal, sometimes watching those commercials can be downright frustrating when you are […]

Cheap Treadmills

By David J. Andrews The best way to begin your home gym is to start with a cheap treadmill. By creating your own home gym you will be cutting out the expensive gym memberships. You will also be able to exercise when the time is right for you. You won’t have to get up 2 […]