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Do Hair Loss Shampoos Do the Trick?

By S. Norris Shampoo ads have ruled almost all forms of media – print ads, TV commercials, and even radio gaps. But what’s causing a lot of buzz in the shampoo industry today is the emergence of shampoos that give claims of curing and even reversing hair loss. But with these products costing a whole […]

Top Home Made Remedies For Hair Loss

By John Socratous There are many ways to stop hair loss, including hair treatments and products. However, if budget-friendly and easy natural, homemade solutions give you better results that too within short time, then that is of course the best option! Being natural, they do not carry the harmful effects of chemical products. But first […]

Healthy Ways to Manage Hair Loss

By Andrew M. Miller Thinning hair is a common problem among men. It can begin as early as 18 and last until a man hits his 40s, prolonging the suffering. A lot of men refuse to take hair-loss as inevitability. They are experimenting with different treatments on the market and paying a lot of money […]

Why Men Suffer From Hair Loss

By Andrew M. Miller It’s an unfortunate fact for many men that with aging comes hair loss. Some men really suffer and start losing their hair as early as their 20s. Others are more lucky and don’t begin to lose their hair until middle age. The stigma attached to losing you hair is pretty powerful. […]

Over the Counter Hair Loss Treatment It Works Efficiently Well

By Milly Jovi Hair is a vital aspect of our personality. It is considered to be the most expressive feature of human attire. Over the counter hair loss treatment includes several products and all of these have got specific qualities and directions for use. Before one makes any kind of decisions, it is always advisable […]

Why Hair Loss in Women is More Than You Think

By Sheikh Ali Raza Today, one of the most worrisome problem women faces is the hair loss and it is becoming a serious problem for them. This is a problem which has affected more than hundreds of million of women all around the world. You might know that the rate of growth for our hair […]

5 Secrets to Stop and Prevent Grey Hair

By Tito King Do you want to look younger, healthier and more attractive? Having problems finding an attractive date or getting sexually intimate with your partner? Do you ever wish that you can look and act cool and younger? Do some people think that you are older than you actually are? If you, then you […]

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss Information You Need to Make an Informed Decision to Improve Your Life

By Darryl Delatorre Are you frustrated with today’s supplement market, there are so many supplement products and it makes it really hard to choose one. There are so many hyped up products that promise miracles, when all you should be searching for are solutions. You ever heard the saying, “People like to buy, but they […]

Hair Loss Causes 5 Specific Types of Hair Loss Uncovered

By Darryl Delatorre It’s like clockwork, people shed anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day. Although this might sound like a lot, it really isn’t much when you think about it. Your head has well over 100,000 hairs on your head, so these 50 to 100 hairs usually go unnoticed. When these hairs fall […]

What Are the Best Foods to Promote Hair Growth?

By Jefferson Harris Hair is made of keratin which is a type of protein so obviously the body needs adequate protein to grow hair. Protein our diet is broken down in the body to amino acids which are then rearranged to form new proteins as required. An adequate supply of protein in our diet is […]