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Be Mindful of Migraines They Can Change Your Accent

By Christopher JA Wang Common headaches can be caused by a number of reasons-from dehydration to common colds and flu and other symptoms. Migraines, on the other hand, are more serious medical conditions that must be prevented as migraine sufferers are more likely to be at risk for stroke. More than just health risks, chronic […]

Electronic Acupuncture to Fight Headaches Naturally

By N. Strickland If you experience headaches or even migraines, you know they can interfere with your quality of life. You can take over the counter remedies or even prescription painkillers for the headaches but you may also have to deal with their side effects. However, with a safe alternative treatment such as electronic acupuncture, […]

Headache Pain Relief Caffeine? Yes Or No?

By John Henry Lee If you’re like me you’ve tried all sorts of things for migraine and headache pain relief. In my personal experience, once a migraine has taken hold there’s not much that can be done except to wait for it to pass, so my priority is either catching it early, or preventing it […]

How to Deal With Migraine Pain Information and Advice

By John Benak Migraines can cause a lot of trouble and discomfort to people that suffer from it. Many people are experiencing migraine pain at least a few times a month, or even weekly, or daily. There is no certain way to tell as to why each person that is suffering from migraines pain will […]

Learn How to Stop Migraine Headaches Get the Tips That Will Prevent the Pain For Good

By Hunter Elliott Everyone knows the kind of pain a migraine headache causes. And what most people do is immediately take some kind of medication when they feel that pain. But that is not the best solution for a migraine headache. Instead there are various ways in which you can cure the pain naturally. All […]

How to Prevent Migraines Food Triggers

By James Pswarai No one knows exactly the cause for migraine headaches. A good explanation is that small irritation occurs over a period of time and they build up until you finally snap and break out into a migraine. Of course there are different triggers and some will be different to each individual, some may […]

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Headaches

By Rose Windale Do you always suffer from headaches? Are you one of those people who are afraid to swallow over-the-counter medicines? Then, why don’t you try these natural ways to get rid of headaches. There are many drugs available to cure headaches. They’re convenient, cheap and effective in giving you immediate relief. But you […]

Removing Your Headache Or Migraine Without Popping Pills

By Lance Winslow Everyone has headaches from time to time, but some have them much more often than others. It’s your body trying to tell you something, of course, it’s hard to self-diagnosis. Did you know that much of the time these migraines or head aches are indeed caused from decreased blood flow? That’s not […]