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Dance Therapy For Spinal Injury

By Vinod Karan Singh Dance your heart out to get rid of the terrible spinal injury! Surprised? Well, if we are to believe the recent medical report published by the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), dance therapy is used to cure patients who are suffering from spinal injury. If we look at the global figures, […]

Ayurveda The Mother of All Healing Systems

By Jonathan Callinan ¬†Ayurveda aims to teach its followers how to maintain harmony and balance between mind and body. A non-invasive technique – A balanced diet, herbal remedies, gentle exercise and physical therapies are the different methods with which Ayurveda aims to achieve healthy living. At the root of this medicine is the concept of […]

5 Ways Reiki Healing Energy Can Make You Feel Happy

By Yvonne Handford Reiki healing energy can make you feel happy. This healing therapy positively changes your life in so many ways and on all levels Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. Reiki has been proven to heal quickly, easily and effortlessly using nothing other than your hands and Universal Life force Energy. Yes you may […]

How to Use Reiki and Aromatherapy For Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

By Yvonne Handford The healing benefits of Reiki and Aromatherapy pure essential oils combined are well known and respected world wide. Reiki is an ancient form of hand on healing using only energy and the palm of your hands. Aromatherapy pure essential oils are extracted from herbs, flowers, trees, and plants that have outstanding healing […]

Switch to Healing Part 3 The Story of Observed Experiential Integration (OEI)

By Sean Latimer In this series of three articles titled Switch to Healing, I discuss trauma and outline a path that a trauma victim could take to get fast relief from trauma, however small the trauma might have been that still keeps them in a psychic prison. In parts 1 and 2, we discussed the […]

Chinese Medicine Five Phase Theory and Application

By Ron Campeanu Chinese Medicine – Five Phase Theory and Application Interrelationships of Organs Each organ interrelates with a number of other organs. This article shows the reader how to understand these different relationships. Please refer to the table at the end of the article. Interrelationships of Organs Each organ interrelates with a number of […]

The Only Healing Therapy That Eliminates the Real Cause of Disease

By Maria Veloso Cancer has always been figured out uniquely in the diseases of mankind. For centuries people spoke of it only in whispers, or they never spoke about it at all, as if the disease were not only dreadful but somehow shameful as well. Today, the picture is changing and changing very rapidly. This […]

The Many Uses of Essential Oils

By Alicia Barwick Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds that can be found in different parts of plants including the stems, seeds, flowers, roots or bark. These oils are non water-based phyto-chemicals that are made up of volatile organic compounds. They are fat-soluble but unlike many vegetable and animal oils, they do not contain […]

The Health Benefits of Listening to Music

By Raymond Edeh “If music is the medicine of the soul let it play on”, so said a playwright. I think the made the statement because probably he got some relieve from music. Music has some strange healing ability. Read on you will understand the picture I’m trying to paint. Research has shown that stress […]

An Introduction to the Energy Healing

By Shilpi Goel We are living in a very exciting time. A number of energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Seichim, Pranic healing and hundreds of other healing techniques based on Reiki have recently emerged on the human plane of existence. Although in simple terms, these techniques involve the channeling of energy from a ‘Source’ […]