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The Benefits of Working With the Right Needle Manufacturer

By Joseph Giovinco It’s always best to study and research a wide variety of products when purchasing medical supplies. These items include surgical needles, spinal needles and IV needles, It’s critical to find the right Needle Manufacturer who has consistent quality control standards when producing medical needles. Weather they are needed for cases such as […]

Robotic Surgery and Its Promise For the Future

By Shawn E Riley Robotic surgery is a promising technology that uses high-tech robots to perform minimally invasive surgery. This surgery is conducted by inserting a small camera and very small robotic instruments inside the body by making two or three small incisions in the desired area. The camera provides a precise and clear 3D […]

Timetables of Meaningful Use

By Shawn E Riley The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) enacted in February 2009 authorized the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid to pay physicians, who demonstrate the meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR), an incentive of up to $44,000, from 2011. The physicians unable to conform to these date lines are expected to […]

How Are Emergency Room Notes Made?

By Alana Olson Have you heard about emergency room notes? You may not have known of this note until you have searched and read this article. The notes coming from the emergency room are actually very important documents and those that handle them must be thanked for having the proper training on such important documentation. […]

Medical Supplies How to Select the Best Supplies?

By Simon Kendal One of the important necessities for successful operation of hospital is to ensure appropriate level of medical supplies. There should be adequate level of supplies that should be available at any point of time to fulfill demand expectation. When it comes to health care, one of the most important features is to […]

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Terminology Explained

By Allen B. Ury Like all career fields, Medical Insurance Billing and Coding uses language and terms all professionals need to understand. If you are thinking about medical billing and coding training, here’s some basic terminology with which you need to be familiar: Allowed Expenses – This is the most an insurance plan will pay […]

Kodak POCs Versatility

By Jonathan Blocker The Kodak POC, or Point of Care, offers the busy physician what they need to capture and view computed radiography images in a small clinic or mobile environment. Even the smallest Kodak POC system, the Point of Care 120, offers a variety of useful features so that it will provide you with […]

3 Reasons Why Americans Choose Mexico For Presbypopia LASIK Surgery

By Paulo Yberri Presbypopia literally means “old eyes,” highlighting the fact that as we age our eyes become less flexible, making it more difficult to focus. This normally occurs between the ages of 40 and 50 and progresses through age 65. Initial symptoms typically include difficulty reading smaller print, leading to the use of reading […]

Senate Finance Committee Health Care Bill Key Provisions

By Thomas Corley The Senate Finance Committee’s health reform bill key points: 1. Takes effect July 2013. 2. Requires U.S. legal residents to obtain insurance. 3. Imposes a financial penalty on people who don’t obtain insurance. 4. Establishes new insurance exchanges. 5. Subsidizes the purchase of health insurance through those exchanges for individuals and families […]

Why Patients Sometimes Choose a Private Hospital Over the NHS

By Gino Hitshopi Since the 1940s, the United Kingdom has provided state-funded health care to all of its citizens. In many ways, this service is still quite unique in terms of how much of the cost is born by the taxpayer. While most people feel that the National Health Service is enough, there are some […]