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Ways How to Lower Cholesterol

By Beth Hoover Something that many people need to learn is how to lower cholesterol. A problem that will cause many men and women problems with their heart. Leading to shorten lives and bad health, but you can help to lower that cholesterol and get healthier. Eating the right foods and getting exercise are two […]

Resveratrol Slows the Formation of Blood Clots in High Risk Heart Patients

By John Richard Clarence Miller The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacolology published an article on resveratrol and how it affected heart patients taking aspirin. It is true they ran the article in August, 2006, but this condition still exists and it is important that we understand it. The research team found that 20% of serious blood […]

Pulmonary Heart Disease

By Rully Nugraha This type of heart disease, one of many, sometimes develops as a result of a chronic lung infection, such as emphysema, asthma, and bronchiectasis, or a combination of these infections. Often there is also an association between pulmonary heart disease and silicosis, anthracosis. Boeck’s sarcoid, or any other condition producing scarring of […]

Why Cholesterol is a Problem

By Adrian Broadby Far from being a totally unwanted substance in the body as many would probably believe, cholesterol is in fact an important constituent of certain bodily hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, and of cell membranes. In other words, cholesterol is actually something that is required and which performs vital functions within our […]

How to Fight High Cholesterol in 5 Seconds Or Less

By Michael Byrd If you have high cholesterol, then you have probably been instructed by your doctor about a variety of ways to treat it. Some options include altering your diet and taking medicine to change the way your body interacts with foods and other stimuli to get a lower cholesterol measurement. However, one of […]

Is There a Direct Link Between Alcohol and Cholesterol?

By Vincent Siew Too much of anything can ruin your life but a little of it may give you a lot of benefits. Desiring to drink a couple of wine is good but being addicted to it is bad. Experts have said and have even proven that wine can protect your heart. But when you […]

A Vegetarian Diet is a Healthy Heart Diet!

By Bill Hansen Making healthy food choices that are good for your heart can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. Thousands of Americans die each year from obesity related diseases the most common being heart disease and diabetes. The benefits of a vegetarian diet can change your prospects for the better, of a long […]

How to Lower Cholesterol Using the Natural Way

By Laza Marius The idea on how to lower cholesterol is not a huge issue anymore. Although, there are a lot of programs out there, the natural way still remains popular and effective. In spite the fact that it’s cheap, natural way of slashing cholesterol has no side effects at all. The natural way mainly […]

Improving the Balance of Cholesterol in the Body

By Laza Marius It is always healthier to have a lower cholesterol count – right? Not necessarily. Having a very low cholesterol count can mean an imbalance in the production of cholesterol in the body. Such imbalance is also bad for your health. Doctors prefer using the term normal than low. A normal cholesterol count […]

What Effect Has Cholesterol?

By T. Alline Cholesterol is a lipid (fatty substance) that the body needs to function properly. Get your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels checked regularly. Also, you should limit the amount of foods you eat that contain: Saturated fat (found in foods such as fatty cuts of meat, whole milk, cheese made from […]