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Stop Head Lice FAQ

By Chris M. Davis Lice have become a common phenomenon in the United States. The majority of victims affected are school children. Extra care should be taken when the person infected is a small child. Here is a ‘stop head lice’ FAQ, which will help you get rid of them. 1. What is the minimum […]

A Homemade Toenail Fungus Cure Get Rid of That Toenail Fungus Without Chemicals

By Karina Sinclair What’s a good toenail fungus cure? You really have several options available. There are over-the-counter medicines, homemade treatments, and strong medication for serious infection. So which one do you use? Over the counter medications can be effective. However, they are also expensive and may take a while to work. So in the […]

How to Get Rid of Internal Hemorrhoids The Extra Ordinary Ways to Cure Hemorrhoids

By Robert Warhol Hemorrhoids may be internal or external can always be painful and serious if not cured on time. It can cause diseases related to heart and can affects the various organs of the body. It happens mainly due to stress, improper eating habits and improper blood circulation. All these factors trigger the growth […]

Like Cures Like

By Maria Gini Homeopathy is probably the most important branch of alternate medicine. There is a misconception rife in people’s minds that homeopathic treatment is meant for children – who necessarily need mild medication – and for those suffering from chronic conditions. Yes, children and people diagnosed with ‘incurable’ ailments benefit the most from homeopathic […]

Household Treatment For Sinus Simple Home Remedies

By Patricia Freeman If you experience pain and inflammation around the eyes, cheeks, and nose then it is possible that you are having a sinus infection. The main cause of this infection can be bacteria, virus, allergic reaction or inherited malformations. It results in the inflammation of the mucus membranes and it is essential you […]

Vinegar Heartburn Cure An Amazingly Effective Home Remedy

By Myron Alexander Can apple cider vinegar really heal heartburn? Apparently, these two do not seem to match. Truly, the notion of having vinegar during heart burn or acid reflux attack is just like putting more fuel in to the fire. It is a well known fact that vinegar has a great content of acid. […]

Shocking Symptoms of Impacted Bowels

By Elle McKinley Almost 7 out of 10 Americans suffer from constipation. It has become so common that not just relieving humans but relieving babies from constipation has become a multi-million dollar market. Now, the reasons that babies become constipated are much more different than adults, so this article will focus primarily on adults. While […]

External Hemorrhoids Symptoms Is it Really Hemorrhoids?

By Maryann Foster Think you might have hemorrhoids? Have you external hemorrhoids symptoms? Do you feel itchy or irritated in the anal area? Chances are you are right as approximately half of the people in the U.S. will suffer from hemorrhoids at some stage in their lives, usually between the ages of 20 and 50. […]

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Is it Better Than Medical Hemorrhoid Treatment?

By William Radcliffe There are many people in this world who are worried about contracting hemorrhoids. In their mind, they will suffer in agony for many days, weeks, and possibly months without finding a cure. And they could be right, as many do. But what is better – natural hemorrhoid treatment or costly medical hemorrhoid […]

A Proven Way to Prevent a Sore Throat From Progressing to a Cold

By Travers R. Julian Before I start sharing with you the proven way to prevent a sore throat from progressing to a cold, do you know experiencing periodic cold or flu can actually be helpful to your health? It may sound ridiculous but it is true, as told by my friend, who is a doctor […]