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Health Massage Chairs

By Becky Wentworth Many of us are concerned with our health and well-being. We know it is important to exercise regularly and to follow a balanced diet. One part a health which is often overlooked is recovery and recuperation. Our ability for our body to rebuild and heal itself is an important aspect to our […]

The History Behind the Hot Stone Massage

By Chris Turley In the United States, hot stone massages are not as popular as traditional ones, mainly because a lot of people simply don’t know about it. And even if they did, it might be difficult trying to find a massage therapist that knows how to do the technique properly. However, this does not […]

Techniques of Massage Therapy

By Sachy Bhat Stripped off all pretense or flourishes, the basic intent of therapeutic massage is to manipulate the soft tissues purposefully to help heal the damaged, sore, bruised or otherwise impaired part of the body. There are, however, a seemingly vast number of specific specialized techniques and types of massage. There is Sports Massage, […]

Brazilian Toe Massage Magical Miracles

By Lauren Slade I first learned about energy pathways in the body from my teacher, the late, Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir. Anton Jayasuriya, a small, charismatic man with a passion for teaching and helping everyone. He would tell me stories of how he helped thousands of people at his doctors office located under the […]

The Rub on Deep Tissue Massage

By Tammy Tincher A key component of a holistic approach to body therapy involves a targeted massage of the connective soft tissue that surrounds, supports, protects, and connects each and every structure in the body. I call it “Structural Integration: Deep Tissue Bodywork with Movement,” but it is called different things by various practitioners. Many […]

Whats Up With These Complicated Massages?

By Michelle Piersol Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage are all modalities we pretty much get. However as I progress in my massage career, I’ve come across some really bizarre sounding massages offered out there. As helpful or good as they may be, their names don’t serve them much justice. Here’s what has come to […]

The Chi Vitalizer CY106 Review

By David Cason Chi machines have been all the rage for years with Asian doctors. Even the TV show the Doctors has had episodes displaying the methods! Chi means energy in Chinese. Now more people are discovering how the power of the technique. A Chi Vitalizer machine uses these Asian principles to deliver its health […]

Learn Massage Therapy Different Massage Therapy Techniques

By Sarah K Thomas If you are stressed, have muscle pain, or anxiety, you should learn more about massage therapy. Here is some advice about massage therapy, so you can learn the best places to get your massage. There are many different types of massages to choose from as well. Therapeutic massage is one of […]

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques and Benefits

By Gagan W Deep Deep tissue massage is a very popular type of massage. There are several techniques for performing a deep tissue massage. Here is a look at the different deep tissue massage techniques and the benefits they have to offer. One of the most common types of deep tissue massage techniques resembles the […]

Massage Techniques How to Select One According to Your Needs

By Gagan W Deep There are a lot of massage techniques that serve different purposes. You should understand the various types of massage techniques and should select them according to your requirement. Here is a guide to help you out. • Acupressure, or Tui Na is a technique used to unblock stuck energy and improve […]