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Pharmaceutical Technologies and How They Benefit the Patient

By Shawn E Riley Advancement in pharmaceutical technology has led to innovation of large number and variety of new medications and novel delivery systems. These have contributed towards increasing the efficacy of the drugs, decreasing the frequency of adverse effects and lesser complicated dosage regimen. These factors increase patient compliance to the prescribed medication hence […]

Quick Guide to Buying Antidepressants

By Josh L Mckinley The rising cost of healthcare has caused an increased number of individuals to give up buying doctor-advised medicines. After the personal visits a doctor regarding his or her mental problem, a pill is recommended to regulate the clinical condition. Many patients visit community pharmaceuticals, which seek unbelievably high prices. Patients must […]

Stem Cell Research and the Moral Status of Embryos

By David Lemberg There is an ongoing debate regarding the ethics and legality of stem cell research. The major sticking point is that an embryo is destroyed in the process of obtaining pluripotent stem cells from the embryonic inner cell mass. All parties in the debate agree that the embryo is a living organism. The […]

Wild Oregano Oil A Nonpareil Medicine to Entirely Perish Your Urinary Infections

By Tamim Ahmad Your gloomy face reveals that you are a big victim of urinary infections, trying to concentrate on your work but stumble in the daily journey of your life. Your disease has become so chronic that you have lost all your hopes and ensured your mind to survive and die with this physical […]

Oregano Oil A Perfect Natural Product to Flush Out Your Urinary Infection

By Tamim Ahmad Suffering from serious urinary infections like Pseudomonas aerugiosa, Escherichia coli, Proteus, Salmonella, etc. are about to wreck your life and you have no other option left with you in trying to eliminate these infections. All your experiments have throttled your confidence, left you feeling a diseased person who has lost the vigour […]

Antibiotics Linked to Birth Defects Which One Should You Avoid?

By Rich D. Fan When we treat a pregnant patient in the clinical setting, we are trained to consider the risk vs. benefit of all medications, before we recommend them. The general rule of thumb is that, no medicine is “completely safe” and to advise the patient to avoid any medications in pregnancy if possible, […]

Do ADHD Meds Without Side Effects Exist?

By Robert William Locke Most parents with ADHD children ask this very question and the short answer is ‘no’, at least if we are thinking of psychostimulant drugs which are now household names, such as Vyvanse, Strattera and Ritalin, just to name a few. The shocking fact of the matter is that, according to an […]

Childrens Swine Flu Medicine Shortage

By James Stephens Tamiflu is one of the drugs currently recommended by the CDC to treat the swine flu. Its generic name is oseltamivir. (Pronounced: os el TAM ih veer) There is however a shortage of pediatric Tamiflu. The drug is very effective and is being used for both treatment of active flu cases and […]

Sinus Relief Medication How to Treat Sinus Infections With Home Medicine

By Patricia Freeman The common cold that we have all experienced at one time or another could actually lead to other health conditions and could even pose a serious health risk for some. One of the most common health risks of the common cold is sinusitis or an infection in the sinus. Here we will […]

A Description of Elbow Treatment Protocols

By Steve Butler Jobs that put the joint under strain can cause pain in the elbow. To prevent the inflammation from getting worse, it is important that you avoid the movements that may increase the pain. Resting the elbow joint is very important to get relief from pain. A hot water bottle wrapped against the […]