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WHEE and Meditation For Wholistic Self Healing

By Daniel J. Benor, M.D. Meditation is widely acknowledged as one of the best ways to improve your health. Research shows that meditation can bring you benefits in dealing with stress, hypertension, pains of all sorts, eating disorders, pre-menstrual tensions, and can enhance concentration and performance. It is also acknowledged as an aid in developing […]

Brain Wave Therapy Coaching the Brain to Better Control the Body

By Andrew Baldwin Brain wave therapy works with the brain to help control parts of the body. Many experts believe that just because the brain is in control of the entire body, that they are certain wavelengths that can be used to help improve or even repair some conditions that may be going on in […]

How to Open Chakras With a Chakra Guided Meditation

By N. Patrick Dowling The seven Chakras are the source of all of the energy within us. Each serves a specific purpose. What they have in common is that it is important for each to be opened and balanced from time to time. Here, I discuss how to open Chakras, with the help of another […]

Benefit of Meditation Review The Benefit of Meditation to Your Mind and Body?

By Sudath Priyantha Did you know that using latest cutting edge technology could sky rocket your practice and allow the benefits of meditation to heal your mind-body system effortlessly. Meditation is a heightened state of awareness. The practice of meditation can be seen in ancient religious texts (Christian, Muslim and most importantly Hindu scripts) Meditation […]

Who Else Wants to Know How to Improve Concentration Using Meditation?

By Mark Syme If you want to improve concentration and focus, meditation is a proven way to clear out that mental clutter. Rid yourself of all those unnecessary thoughts and you’ll be able to focus and get to your goals so much faster. So what is meditation? How exactly is it going to help your […]

Vipassana Means Insight Vipassana Meditation

By Mary Dubitzky It is part of the Theravada meditation tradition in Buddhism. Vipassana meditation is taught to those who wish to gain a better understanding of their inner selves. Vipassana meditation is attributed to Buddha himself and is centered on transformation and observation of ones self through introspection. Samatha meditation is the other pole […]

Try Meditation to Increase Your Productivity

By Francis Lui If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity, give meditation a try. Meditation reduces your stress level, increases your concentration, and enhances your intuition. It quiets down the mental chatter. When you’re in that state, it’s easier to be productive. In an article titled “Zen and the Art of Corporate […]

Aikido Techniques and Women The Benefits of Meditation

By Dan Kudo Can Aikido techniques reduce stress? Whether you are a career woman, a homemaker, or combination of both, stress can take its toll both physically and mentally. There are deadlines at work, chores to do, kids to pick up, meals to be prepared, and vacations to be planned. The interesting thing about stress […]

Meditation Tips and Suggestions

By Felix Makmur If you want to improve your life and get the most out of each day, meditation is a great way to start. It can make a lot of difference in every aspect of your life and well worth the time and effort that you put into learning how meditate. Life is very […]

Mindfulness Exercises Basic Mindfulness Exercises That Can Change Your Life

By Kevin Doherty With the increased stress that so many of us are facing in our modern world, it is not wonder that more people are turning to various mindfulness exercises to find more peace, balance, relaxation, and mental clarity during this time.  Mindfulness is certainly one of the most powerful remedies we have; the […]