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Do Not Forget Mental Health Needs During Stroke Recovery

By Charles Cheow Stroke recovery can be a very hard process on both the stroke survivor and their friends and family. Often times after a stroke, a person needs to relearn how to do even the basic things of life, such as eating, talking, and walking. And, will likely need help taking care of their […]

Self Destructive Behavior A Red Flag For Many Clinicians

By Tim Brunson If you have ever encountered a client or patient who consistently behaved counter to their best interests and did not realize it, you could be noticing a red-flag that the case may be beyond your scope of practice, license, or professional ethics. For example, consider a person who comes to you to […]

3 Ways to Get Into Exercise After a Mental Health Illness Diagnosis

By Joyce Briggs There’s no getting around it: exercise is good for the body as well as the mind. People suffering from mental health illnesses who exercise have consistently reported great benefits in terms of being able to handle the stress and challenges that life throws at them compared to other mental health illness sufferers […]

What Do You Do With a Troubled Teen? Professional Parenting Tips

By Dell DeBerardinis When will we get it? Our lonely, lost children are our biggest public health crisis. The recent YouTube video of a teen committing suicide in front of millions should be a scary message to all parents. With families under more and more financial, emotional and physical stress our children are paying a […]

The Effect of a Stressful Workplace

By Will Stone Stress in workplace happens when you experience excessive work pressure. While negative stress in fact gives negative impact on work performance, positive stress results to a much better productivity. Everyone in the workplace can be affected by stress. Deadlines put more pressure on people working. Stress environment sometimes depends on the nature […]

Compulsive Thoughts

By Derek Soto Compulsive thoughts are often associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, having compulsion both in mindset and action can be a difficult thing for a person to deal with. Interestingly enough at times OCD can actually be beneficial to a person, though this is generally limited to those who have it in a small […]

Repetitive Thoughts

By Derek Soto Repetitive thoughts can be a symptom generated by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, repetition is a common thing to experience when dealing with OCD, the severity of this depends on the person but even the less severe manifestations can be hard to deal with due to it’s very nature. A person that suffers from […]

Symptoms of Panic Attack What They Are and How You Can Eliminate Them in As Little As 48 Hours

By Susan Amherst Symptoms of Panic Attack | What Are They? It seems that many people are curious about what the symptoms of panic attack are, and with good reason, you want to know what exactly you’re dealing with!  Is it a heart attack or something else entirely? Panic Attack symptoms often feel like a […]

Does Your New ADHD Medication Have Side Effects?

By Diana Ketchen Are you the parent of a child who suffers from ADHD? If so, then you understand the frustration of never seeming to be able to get your child’s illness under control. You also understand the pain that comes with having to watch your child suffer from something that he or she has […]

Prevent Dementia Natural Herbal Remedies For Brain Disorders

By M Roy Dementia refers to symptoms caused by the deterioration of the brain. Dementia is usually diagnosed when two or more symptoms indicating loss of brain function are detected. Memory loss, behavioural problems, hallucinations, inability to reason or think clearly, personality changes, agitation, disorientation, loss of language skills, perception and cognition are all common […]